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  1. A

    SOLD Low Mileage OEM 06 Rubi Lockers and Pumps

    I have lockers, front and rear (with 4:88 ring and pinion gears) that came out of my 2006 Rubicon, with just over 25,000 original miles. They were functioning perfectly when they were removed this summer. I replaced them with Eaton E4 lockers, just because I prefer an electric locker. I'm...
  2. MikeE024

    SOLD TJ Rubicon OEM Air Lockers (Front/Rear)

    Front and Rear OEM TJ Rubicon Air Lockers in good working condition. Pulled from my 2005 Rubicon during the re-gear. $400 $340 (each) includes free shipping to the 48 US continental states. Front Rear Thanks for looking. - Michael
  3. Hammbone2020

    Possible locker issue on 2005 TJ?

    Hey y'all, so to clarify my title, I don't mean I'm crawling stumps or rocks! Lol j/j! 😄 Anyhow, I've posted before about "strange issues" with my front end and specifically thinking it was the locker, and I thought all was resolved over the last year. I upgrade the tie rod, tie ride ends, drag...
  4. MikeE024

    WTB: Front TJ Rubicon Locker (stock)

    I'm looking for a properly working front TJ Rubicon locker to have installed during my re-gear. Please, let me know if there is one for sale. Thank you.