1. T

    How to sell my TJ for the price it deserves

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, I hope everyone's staying well and safe. I'm looking to sell my TJ that I purchased just a couple of months ago, as I was unable to sell my other car for a desirable price. Another reason is that I figured out that I'm just not the type of guy that'll spend time...
  2. D

    Making the headunit / stereo as water-resistant as possible ideas

    Hi guys, i am a new member to this forum, but i've been watching ever since i got my Jeep. But now i really got a question that i really haven't seen around. So i've really been wanting to make a single din stereo so water resistant as possible because i just got my stereo wet and got damaged by...
  3. Zedd

    Advice on how to sell my Jeep

    I’m no expert I’m trying to sell my jeep right now and wanted to get your guy’s take on my listing(s). Improvement ideas? I’m trying to sell quickly but $6600 would be the absolute lowest I can go. I’ve already put $200 into it since I bought it for $7000 and I think the aftermarket hard top...