spare tire

  1. J

    What brand is this?

    Trying to figure out what brand has this symbol. Trying to find a spare tire rack that will fit it. Or if somebody knows a tire carrier that will mount to the tailgate and fit a 2006 TJ. There is a custom bumper, and I cannot attach a swing carrier. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. CameronKimball

    What type of tool is needed to remove this?

    Howdy, howdy, my name is Cameron and I just bought a ‘99 TJ from my uncle and the spare has an odd bolt on it and he didn’t have the tool to remove it? Anybody know what it is?
  3. lanemitchell84

    Tailgate swings too far hits light

    31x10.5 on stock tire carrier 2004 tj. since i upgraded to the 31's i had to put the tire on backwards cause it hits the center braker light and lugs dont reach far enough. so the tire doesnt reach the bumpers when its shut. it all was working fine. but now the tailgate is swinging farther and...
  4. F

    Hitch receiver for a spare tire?

    I’d like to put a 2” hitch on my spare tire so I can use all the great hitch accessories off of my spare tire carrier. I also have a bumper with a hitch but am looking to add a second on the tire. Is this a product that exists? Should it exist? Do I need to learn to weld and just modify...
  5. S

    Looking for 2000 TJ spare tire carrier parts and bolt sizes

    I recently purchased a 2000 Sahara TJ Wrangler. It did not come with any spare tire rack or attachment screws or bumpers. I want to replace stock OEM Spare Tire Rack with 4 impact bumpers and all mounting screws. Im having trouble finding the correct size and availability for some of the...
  6. C

    LJ Spare Tire Delete

    Hey guys, I’m looking for suggestions for a spare tire delete for an LJ. Are the TJ AND lJ identical in this regard? I know there are slight differences, and wasn’t sure if this was one of them. Are there any consequences to covering the vent? Also, I am not looking to relocate the tag. To...
  7. jazngab

    15” factory “Ecco” wheel

    I have 1 Ecco style factory wheel that was a spare. It’s in perfect condition. Tire could be replaced as it’s the original but never driven. $40 in the Philadelphia/Montgomery county area. Willing to ship at buyers expense.
  8. Creakydoor

    Best way to mount 33” x 10.5” spare tire

    I just upgraded to 33 x 10.5 tires on my TJ and am trying to find the best option to mount it on the factory spare tire holder. I have factory Gambler rims which are 15 x 8 with 5.5” backspacing. The older 30 x 9.5 factory spare fit perfectly with these rims and right against the snubbers. I...
  9. Giavanna

    Flag mount for tj?

    Hi my name is Giavanna, and Ive had my 2000 Wrangler for almost 6 years now. I am new to the forum and I have a question for anyone who is willing to help! Has anyone figured out how to mount a large flag where the spare tire is? All i can see online is for JK. It is quite frustrating. Either...
  10. fljeeper

    need spare tire

    Anybody have a 32 x 15 x 11.50 used tire that would be decent for a spare? Thanks, Dan
  11. Chris

    Who isn't running a spare tire?

    I saw that @VirtualRussel isn't running a spare tire and it looks good! Who else isn't running a spare tire? Pictures? Do you think I'm leading myself towards impending doom if I don't run a spare tire on my vehicle and plan on going off-roading?