1. inkedrose

    SOLD Set of 5, 34" Super Swampers on 15" Eaton Beadlocks

    I have 5, 34” Super Swamper Truxus MT tires, on 15” Eaton Steel Beadlocks. Lots of tread. 5x4.5 lug pattern. Should fit any Jeep TJ, LJ, and I think ZJ, MJ, and XJ . $700 obo, want to sell the full set of 5. Located in Arvada, can possibly deliver in Denver Metro area with a deposit. 34x12.5x15LT
  2. Lax22

    Maryland PCM, SKIM module, SKIM key, and ignition cylinder (2001 Jeep XJ 4.0 auto)

    Long shot but I have these parts from an 01 xj I parted out. Jeep ran well, It was a 4.0l automatic. Figured if someone here wanted to retrofit a SKIM system to their 00-01 xj they could find this useful. Not sure if it will work on TJs of the same year. Looking for $200 shipped or best offer.
  3. T

    Thinking of getting a XJ or ZJ for the winter season

    Well as the title says I'm thinking of getting a XJ or ZJ. Thinking of tucking the LJ in the garage for the winter to avoid the Ohio winter salt. I have a Chevy 1500 already but I share it with the family and folks whenever so I'm thinking of getting a third vehicle for winter. Leaning towards a...
  4. tagunz

    NP242 Transfer Case Swap?

    Okay guys, looking to collect the pooled wisdom of those on this forum, as I may be attempting something in possibly unexplored territory. SKIP TO THIRD PARAGRAPH FOR THE ACTUAL INQUIRY Backstory: When I first got my 5spd 2000 TJ Sport about 5 months ago, it had dangerously bald tires but I...
  5. D

    Should I get a '97 2.5L?

    Hi guys. This is my first post here so sorry if this is in the wrong spot. Right now I have a 1999 XJ with a 4.0 and auto trans. I might have an offer to trade it for a 1997 TJ with a 2.5 and auto trans. Would you guys think this is a good trade? My xj has a 4.5" lift and 31s and a few other...
  6. mahshall

    My XJ Dana 44 build

    The Dana 35 in my TJ is starting to wear out so I started to look into replacement options before it blows up. I did some research on the forums and had decided a Ford 8.8 from an Explorer would be a good swap. I figured 8.8's are easy to find, cheapish to buy and have tons of aftermarket support...
  7. roger_caldas

    Shocks and coils compatibility

    Jeepers, will a 3" procomp shock/coil set from a 97 Cherokee Sport fit a 97 TJ plug and play?