33" tire recommendations for a 15" wheel?

Um, half an inch and half an inch.
My kid should be home in a minute, I can measure his Wildpeak AT's, I don't think they're quite 33"...Wait, his spare is here and it's new. Give me a minute.
Okay, they're just a tad over 32" and tread width is 10", sidewall 12.5" (y)
yea I wasn’t sure if my flares would interfere...
Well, as far as I am concerned, you have two tire options. Goodyear Duratracs or BFG K02's. The rest pale in comparison. Oh, and "C" load only. I ran 265/75/16 Duratracs for years but realized that I needed to move away from the Moab 16" wheels and back to the 15's. 33x10.5x15 K02's on US Indy Mag slotted wheels.




Has anyone had any experience with the 33X12.50R15 Maxxis MT-764 Buckshot II, or the Maxxis Razr MT Tires? I'm looking at a set but don't know anyone running them.


I have had real good luck with bfg k02’s, I’ve had them on an FJ, Raptor and on my TJ. Quiet comfortable road manners and predictable on the trail. They’re not the best rock crawlers, but I don’t spend much time doing that. Mostly around town and trails around southwest Utah.