AI image generation thread


But then other things aren't so good, although some are cool in their own right. "Skeleton playing French Horn in graveyard" produced nothing that looked like a French Horn, this one was the closest:
Ask it for a "Goth Jeep TJ", and I get 4 Wiccan-with-native-American-themed YJs instead! Check out the Pentagram wheels on this one:
I guess the silly thing learns, I asked for "Belly dancer dancing in front of canon, soldiers" - without specifying a gender. I got 3 similar to this one:

As well as a male that I wasn't expecting:

Other than the short hair, this is probably the best male Belly Dancer this thing has generated. I'm not much on the bare chest look (all the rage in eastern Europe apparently), but I'd consider his costume but dispense with the impossible nipple covers which just HAVE to be clamped in place! Love the belt, love the skirt, love the earrings!
It still doesn't know what a Sistrum is - I tried *that* a while back and got all sorts of strange stuff. This time it gave me snare drums. I never could get it to give me a Belly Dancer with finger cymbals either, just various sorts of weird bells.

Then I tried "Skeleton playing sistrum in graveyard photograph", and it kicked it back as "unsafe" (???); a second try gave me another drum:
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Asked for "Belly Dancers in front of huge full moon" as that's the logo of one of the two troupes I'm in. I guess I'm training it as once again it threw in two male dancers, both wearing skirts. I just gotta get it trained to do long hair, earrings and to skip the bare chest without being told.

This one has what I call "Floating Sleeves", which are a favorite of mine - I have several costumes that employ them. I even have a page on my website on how to make them, they're pretty easy to make and look great!

Those are all really neat. The level of detail is incredible. Even those that came out "wrong" are really cool. Wrong as in not what exactly what you asked for.