Blaine's an asshole (safe space)

Is Blaine an asshole

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Newer to this site in the past year or so but Blaine helped me out with myorryde gate when I asked about adjusting it properly a while back. I still haven't installed a toggle clamp he recommended but did get the tailgate adjusted a lot better per his recommendations.

My black magic brakes work great too.

Blaine has always been supportive of anything I have bought from @mrblaine . I will say I enjoy reading his comments. I learned the hard way a few times. Its made me use my head a bit more than to take the risk of humiliation. Hahahaha
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Again? I thought 16 pages covered it.

Blaine’s not an asshole. He’s a hemorrhoid. You’re the asshole.
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And that is what you get for thinking…

Now that is being an asshole
At some point during a moment of need, one may look around and ask, he used to be here, where did he go and why can't I see his posts any longer? At that point the realization may dawn that some folks can pull off being an asshole and some can't. Best leave it to those who can.
All this talk of hemorrhoids and assholes and I'm sitting on the toilet trying to release the bacon wrapped jalapeños I had for lunch!!!
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