Blaine's an asshole (safe space)

Is Blaine an asshole

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...hold my beer.
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Jul 7, 2019
If you think Blaines an asshole then feel free to come here and vent about it. You will find other people who also think Blaines an asshole. Blaine will not respond or bother you here. Be safe.

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This thread is strictly for entertainment purposes and is not a literal safe space.
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I sent Blaine a note. His reply was insulting. Here it is:

My note:
I received my TJ brake pin inset kit and installed it today. That kit is an excellent fix and well packaged. Thanks! My question is about Loctite, and doesn't really have much to do with the repair kit. The new pin bolts had some red goo on them. I'm guessing that it is also a Loctite type product. Does the stuff on the bolts react with the red Loctite I put on the threads in any way?

The answer:
What did the instructions say?

Makes me mad when someone wants me to read the instructions. :)
So where'd you put the stickers??
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One time Blaine ripped me a new one for buying seat risers that were not Buchanan. That was 2017 and my feelers are still hurt. 🤣