Cleetus McFarland Hell Yeah Brother

Saw that run in another video last night. There's a few runs posted on other channels already. Lots of crashes at tx2k this year. The weather sucks. The track sucks. But one of the lambos put down a 237mph yesterday. McFlurry having problems. Leroy the Savage seemed to put down a decent mid 7.

Yeah, I’ve seen a few vids out there.

Seems that Cleetus needs to focus and test more before running so many cars. I know the SMX was a hard push though.
I still find the shifter thing humorous as it depends on how you set them up. And give the boys credit though they definitely got the chassis set up right on the first try.

Yep, they can change the order if they want and they picked the individual ratios in the modules.
I’m ready

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5 rangers flipped so far. Last one flipped on his lid then back down to its wheels. The guy started it back up and drove to the pits to get a flat tire replaced.

Update: he may not return there’s some wobbly wheels.
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