Coolest Colors on a TJ

Wellington. Also I am so digging that chrome grille insert in your profile picture, please let me know if you have any leads. Cool colour combo by the way. Congratulations. 😎

I was in Wellington at the end of January I did a two week tour in the Jeep to the South Island and back.
Plenty of photographs on this site I did a thread called South Island trip or something like that
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I sprayed mine a shade of grey that is similar to Sting Grey found on JKs. I did my trailer in the same colour.

22-11-06 3.JPG
My TJ is black and although boring, I like being able to just touch all of it up with rattle can rustoleum black and shrug it off. The factory paint is toast anyway.

But I would love to repaint it Gobi tan to match my Gladiator... I love a tan Jeep! And that's a great light shade you've got, I like it a lot. What/whose color is that? Or is it a custom mix?

No idea, it came this color.
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I had no idea I was going to buy a jeep till I saw this poor scrawny little girl sitting behind a locked fence just begging to be turned loose to run free… I had never seen this color before and the wife thought it looked like a girls jeep… I felt sorry for it and brought it home…


There were times when I didn’t think she was gonna make it but after the rehab, the face lift, a little TLC and $$$$$$$ the old girl is a keeper… haven’t seen one the same color around here… sometimes it’s good to be different!

My first choice would have been yellow, maybe orange. More important was condition and if any right mods so patriot blue pearl it is. Do like way lighting can change look.



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