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Apr 16, 2018
Marathon, FL, USA
My Girlfriend and I just got a 2000 Jeep Wrangler 4 Cyl. I have’t seen it yet and havn’t had anything to go on besides pictures as of yet but I was hoping someone may have had experience with this problem already.

There is a leak coming from the drivers side in front of the front tire and it doesn’t appear to be motor oil. I had her take a picture as best she could of the problem and also to put a paper towel in the fluid to try to identify it. A couple of pictures are attached to try to show what the problem is. I’m thinking it MAY be the power steering but like I said I havn’t seen it in person yet.

photo apr 16, 12 11 44 pm.jpg

photo apr 16, 12 11 36 pm.jpg

photo apr 16, 12 11 32 pm.jpg
Hard to tell, could be the steering box leaking or a just a leaking trans cooler line if its an auto, I think they cross over to the trans right there also.
My 97 4 cyl 2.5 had a bad leak at the power steering sensor O ring when I got it.
I repaired it with a new PS sensor from a local jeep shop.
Later I found an assortment of O rings of the same or similar size , while strolling thru Ace Hardware.
If it is s leak at the PS sensor, save your hard earned cash and take the old O ring to Ace and find a match, replace new o ring and done :)
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When I spoke to a parts guy at Jeep and showed him a picture he said the same thing. Power steering gear leak. A rebuild kit is 20 and a new steering gear from advanced is 150 so I’m debating on just getting the new gear and mounting or trying to rebuild it.