1. Liro

    Fuel fitting valve metal bracket leak?

    Hi everyone I need to know what this part is for my 4.0 6 cyl engine. Im not sure how to fix this or what part to change its right before the fuel valve on the engine side and drips when i turn ignition on when it primes the fuel…
  2. Klye

    32RH Leak at rear trans seal

    Hi all, '99 TJ Sport 4L 32RH 3 spd w/ deep pan Allegedly the previous owner had a shop rebuild the trans I've replaced the rear seal on my 32RH adapter housing with a Teraflex extended seal. I noticed that the wall where the seal sits is marred up from the previous "mechanic", I smoothed...
  3. JeepGirl1013

    Question of the day: mystery moisture

    My jeep has been in the garage since I’ve been working in her pretty much since I bought her. Left her outside for the first time and we had a slow steady rain. Found some water in the back after the rain passed. I found drips along the wells and the corners had pretty wet carpet. I also found...
  4. J

    Help identifying leak on 2002 Sahara

    I have a leak that only appears after being parked for an extended amount of time. I drove it yesterday and checked this morning - no leak. Checked it this afternoon and there the leak is. Been like this about a week . First pic is of the leak in the pan, second pic is where I think its coming...
  5. Jeep05tj

    Rear Main Seal SOLVED - Additional Tips, Tricks, Thoughts and Theories

    Hey all, sorry for the overkill but thought I'd write up what I did after I successfully sealed my RMS. I have totalled three attempts over the year and thought I'd talk about the differences and what has and hasn't worked. Attempt 1: July 2022, Felpro RMS, 3mm offset, RTV on RMS ends...
  6. Finn’sTJ

    Coolant Leak Help

    Hey everyone, 88,000 mile 2006 TJ. Today when I got to work all gauges were normal and jeep was running fine. I shut the engine off and got out and heard dripping and steaming and saw white steam coming out of hood. So I opened it up and saw coolant had wet the bottom half of my engine bay...
  7. billlaaayyy

    05 42RLE Transmission Cooler Lines

    Been watching an issue with a slow drip under my 2005 SE (4.0 automatic) which has been getting a bit worse over the last few weeks. Never a puddle and keep checking fluid levels and been OK, but think it's time to replace my cooling lines. Seems to be lots of leaking coming from my cooling...
  8. T

    Leak on drivers side

    Another leaky jeep post. My apologies. When it rains water appears to be coming in and draining behind the dashboard onto the floor. I can't pin point the exact location of where it is entering but I attached pictures for reference. I noticed these areas were wet. I don't think its...
  9. LJWranglerWalker

    Power steering leak

    Noticed a small leak today on the power steer reservoir/return hose. Wondering if you guys think I need a new PS return hose/clamp here, or something else? This is a 4.0L. Let me know what you think.
  10. Pickle121

    Slow and steady transfer case leak

    Is there a way to check its fill level? It appears to be leaking from the fill plug. I’ll take better pictures, but here’s one from some days ago. I just had the rear end rebuilt and fluids changed at the end of June/beginning of July, among other unrelated work.. Tryin to determine if it...
  11. O

    TJ leaking water from the left side

    Hi, super new to this forum and jeeps in general. I picked one up about a week ago and noticed a wet spot on the exhaust that seems to drip from the rim of the sump on the left side of the engine/sump, would coolant leaking from the water pump/thermostat housing cause this? i thought it would...
  12. DuceDuck

    Transfer Case Leak?

    I’m guessing this is a transfer case leak but I’m not fully sure. Any help is appreciated.
  13. Thatoneconnor

    Top half of hard doors gap

    Hey this is my first post, I’m not quite how this all works yet. I have a 1997 hardtop with hard half doors. I am not sure if I’m doing something wrong but there is a significant gap between the top of the door and the roof/windshield. On the highway going almost 70 the gap expands enough to...
  14. medicnole

    Need help with coolant leak

    Hey everyone I need some help trying to find out where this coolant leak is coming from? Or at least I assume it is a coolant leak and that's what others have suggested as well. It's a slow leak but somehow it's coming out on the bottom of my engine and I cannot find the source. Here are some...
  15. proffieh

    Should I worry about this leak?

    I bought an '06 LJ 4.0l with an automatic about 6 months ago. It has 160k miles, and has been (as far as I know) well maintained. Some background on the current situation: I had the transmission rebuilt a couple of weeks ago. My mechanic mentioned that he noticed the transmission was running...
  16. AllyTexasTJ

    Looks like a coolant leak

    So I’ve seen similar post. I’m just wanting to get an opinion. I’ll post the video of the leak. It’s pink so I’m assuming it’s coolant. It looks like it’s coming from behind the belt. I gauge doesn’t show me over heating and even the the engine was running super hot. I’ve run it for about 5-8...
  17. Super Kev

    Water dripping at idle

    I've recently noticed what appears to be water (it's not slick, pretty clear, odorless) dripping from my skid plate at idle. I would have assumed it was AC condensation but I haven't been using the AC. I recently replaced my stereo, speakers and sub so I've started the jeep just to test that...
  18. djaka20

    Losing Coolant & Screech / Whistle Sound Coming From Engine

    Hi all, I own an '01 TJ with about 85K miles on it. The car was in storage for most of the winter, and I slowly started to notice that my coolant was steadily decreasing even with no visible leak. I noticed that theirs a slight sweet smell when the heat is on, which leads me to think that the...
  19. Same bresette

    Transfer case leak

    So I recently noticed that my transfer case had been slowly leaking and when I crawled under it seems to be a broken oring. Does anyone know where to get this oring or specs of it thanks.
  20. S

    Rear differential still leaking fluid

    A couple months ago I changed out my rear differential pinion seal. When I got it all apart it was obvious the seal was shot. I installed a new pinion seal, put everything back together while using RTV as my gasket for the cover. The problem is that I’m still throwing fluid? I can’t see...