For all of us with two wheels also

How do you guys deal with the disease of buying multiple bikes? I broke down and decided to look for #2.

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never realized they had a HD bagger race

Looks like HD copied the Indian for the 2024 Road Glide

It's HD & Indian in the King of the Bagger races.

Many would disagree and say that Indian copied Road Glides.

Any of the V-twin classes have always been more my favorites at the road races over other classes. Used to go to Laguna Seca 3-4 times a year when I was stationed at Ft Ord, CA.
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I'm still not back on 2 or 3 wheels but I am partially back on 2 feet, at least until my left foot tells me to 'sit the fcuk down, dipshit'.

Saturday, I decided to be stupid and went to a bicycle swap meet. They are a thing. I spent a good 2 hours hobbling around on my crutches and socializing, aka BSing, with like minded idjits.
I really wasn't looking for anything other than a pair of fenders for a project bicycle I'm working on. I scored the fenders for $10. Then, I found a beautiful Italian Guerciotti bike frame from the early eighties for $20.

The fenders are already installed on the "Old Farts' Lefsa Special", a bike for an old Scandinavian guy that doesn't care what anyone thinks.

Plans for the frame? Dunno yet. It's a bit tall and the max I can stretch to ride on. Possibly spend a boatload of money and build it up with period Campagnolo and other Italian parts. Build a 3 speed coffee getter. Make another fixed gear beer rig. Most likely, though, it's destined to become wall art for the basement Man Cave.
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