Help fixing cylinder 2 misfire on 2.4

Dec 26, 2018
Hi, about a week ago my 2.4L on my 2003 began running rough and I found out it was a cylinder 2 misfire. I replaced the plugs and no change. Today I replaced the wires and still no change.

Should my next step be to change the coil or swap the injectors to see if that indicates a bad injector? Or should I just buy some new better injectors and see if that does the trick?

Thank you!


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Sep 28, 2015
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It might be worth checking the coil pack in that case.

This video shows how to test the coil packs on a 4.0, but it's the same principle on a 2.4. This would at least rule the coil pack out as the culprit:



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Jan 9, 2018
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Are you getting a P302 code?
Are you getting any other engine codes ?
I have been chasing a misfire in cyl 3 for months and i now believe it has a 'tulip' valve, which is associated with some 4 cyl jeep engines.
You might try swapping the cyl 2 spark plug with another plug, clear the code and see if it returns.
You might also swap the cyl 2 spark plug wire with another to rule that out as well.
Same with the #2 injector. Swap some parts, clear the code. If the code comes back we need to do some more troubleshooting
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