Jeeps Parking Next To Other Jeeps


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Nov 5, 2015
Toronto, ON
I thought I should start a thread on jeeps parking beside each other. Every time I park I always look for another jeep to park beside :) the picture with the gold jeep was when I was at the grocery store. The other orange jeep was when I parked at Just Jeeps in Toronto. So lets see your pictures!


lol yep that one was done up pretty nice. Their was tons of other jeeps like that because I was parked at a jeep shop but I wanted to take a picture of the only other orange jeep :P ... I like the orange and blue look he was going for. He had his fenders and some trim around it painted blue.
They're both mine haha ones for off-road and the other is for daily driving haha

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Well shit man... Talk about the best of both worlds.

I've got a Honda for daily driving and the Rubicon for fun... It will be more fun once my supercharger gets here on Friday! Muwhahahaha
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HAHA! That's hilarious... That must look so funny driving down the road.

I've got two :p
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