Let's see your front bumpers!

It used to be a MotoBilt.

Bought with the Jeep. It was a rusty POS & only had 2 crappy bolts holding it in place. Last weekend I stripped it to bare steel & sprayed it with Duplicolor bed liner. Then reinstalled it with 6 grade 8 bolts.
By the quality of the powdercoat.... and the rust, I think it's a Shittybuilt. Seems pretty tough though. And definitely looks a lot better now. Plus it'll be easy to touch up as it gets scrapped up.
Time will tell.

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Milk jugs.....They protect the Tj from anything hard and crunchy that might mean to do it harm, like an Oreo.
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Stock minus the milk jugs and fog lights, with a Curt receiver for the winch that sits behind the back seat, and a nice coating of South GA late summer love bugs.
Stock but removed milk jugs. Added different hooks, a hitch for a winch. I bought the bull bar for my Liberty but took it off before I traded it in for the TJ. Figured I had it might as well use it. :D