OE Look Air Gauge?


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Dec 29, 2020
Mokena, IL
Does anyone know of any air gauges that match the OE instrument cluster gauges or companies that make custom gauges?
As part of my spring upgrades to my Jeep, once it comes out of hiding for the winter from the Illinois salt, I am going to be installing the ARB Twin compressor and i plan on installing an auxiliary tank down in the chassis somewhere. I usually am pretty anal on my vehicles and like everything to look at least halfway "Factory"
sPOD is an option

You might want to reconsider. Unless you need stored air for air horns, air lockers, etc. there really isn't any advantage to having a tank just for airing up tires. It will be like airing up 5 rather than 4 at each session such that you really don't save any time. Also, even if you do decide to run a tank, with a on-off pressure switch you don't really need a gauge because you will know the pressure when you hear it turn on and the pressure when you hear it turn off, and you will know it is above that lower pressure threshold until you hear it turn on again. Its added complexity for limited utility.