Pinion angle question


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Sep 19, 2020
New Jersey
So I took off my UCF ultra high skid plate (bad vibrations through the body I just got tired of) and put on the Barnes bolt on one. My pinion angles have changed and the jam nuts are tight and can’t be adjusted. I am getting 8.8 degrees on the drive shaft and 13.6 on the axle. I know they are far apart. I took it for a drive and am not getting vibration. I know they should be within 1 degree. Will something get damaged driving it with these angles? As in bearings


Your axle has a steeper angle than the driveshaft? Usually the problem is the other way around. You should be able to adjust the arms to drop the nose of the diff down a bit and eliminate your worry.
Since you dropped your transmission a few inches, your pinion is now pointing too high. "Assuming" the rear is a double cardon shaft, technically, you should repoint the pinion right at the Tcase output shaft. But If you are not getting vibrations, I don't see how you would get any bearing issues. I have been wrong before, just ask my wife. I am sure if this needs corrected, a guru will hop in and provide better guidance.
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One jam nut will loosen when u turn it clockwise and the other will loosen turning it counterclockwise