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Portable Refrigerator


TJ Enthusiast
Jan 7, 2019
Colorado Springs, CO
Is anyone here using one of the portable refrigerator/freezer in there Jeeps for camping? Something like the ARB, Dometic or any of the other brands out there. I have been researching for awhile now and I would like to get some real world feedback on how well they work, how efficient they really are and will it kill my battery if I leave it plugged in when the Jeep isn't running? I have read a lot of reviews on the different brands that say they won't kill the battery, but then I ran into a gentlemen with an ARB and he told me that his will kill the battery if he doesn't watch it.
Thanks for your feedback.


TJ Enthusiast
Oct 4, 2016
My ARB runs all night while camping and has never come close to killing the battery. It senses your battery voltage and the fridge will turn itself down (warmer), and then eventually off before allowing your Jeep battery to die, however it’ll have no problem running full power overnight without issue. Highly recommend one. They aren’t cheap, but once you have one, you will never go back. One of the best jeeping/camping things I’ve ever bought in the past 25 years.
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