Problem with ARB diff cover on Dana 30


Jan 1, 2020
Does anyone have an ARB front differential cover mounted on their Wrangler TJ? When the jeep is tilted to the left or bounces and falls down, the differential cover hits the top of the hinge.
X2. A big flashy cover isnt always the best. Barnett/currie, alloy, and the guards like posted above are known to take the abuse and play well with the track bar.
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If your dead set on keeping that cover, pull the shocks and springs bust out the angle grinder and start carving. A little a time, run the suspension till it hits, grind some more, rinse and repeat. There is a lot of beef on that diff cover where it hits just go slow and take off small amounts before checking for clearance. A little can go a long way in this instance.
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I used a Teraflex cover on the front - OEM profile, just thicker and has a drain plug. Far cheaper than ARB as well. I do have an ARB on the rear that I got used.
I really like the Barnett cover since it has the ramp. Instead of hitting a rock and stopping, it usually slides up and over the rock.

No problems with my Currie diff cover and I wheel it quite hard:

Note that this is not the Barnett design, it's a different Currie diff cover.
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Does the Barnett pose a problem for running it on a Dana 44 rear?
I don't have a Barnett on the rear. I have a 70's Ford (?) 3/16" cover. I would think depending on the clocking of the housing it might interfere with the GTS but I can't honestly answer that. We run in a lot of rocks that could possibly benefit from the ramped cover in the back. I may fab something up for shits and giggles to see how functional it would be.

Looking at this pic, I don't think there would be an interference issue. It looks like the currie cover would be ideal.


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