Really Bright LED Reverse Lights in Stock Housing


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Feb 17, 2018
Colorado, USA
This is a silly project I've been figuring out over the last few weeks. On more than one occasion I have wanted brighter reverse lights, but didn't want the added clutter of more lights bolted to the Jeep. I got this solution recently from someone on the forums who briefly mentioned that he put LED projectors in the stock taillight housing. Sorry, I don't recall the thread to give proper credit. This is my version.


You need a pair of Socket Wires Connector Base Adapters

A pair of Turn Tail Wired Light Socket Housings

A pair of 41mm flashlight reflector cones.

And finally a pair of 1156 base LED projectors measuring 1.75" in length.

Use a stepped drill bit to drill the flashlight reflector out to to the size of the 1156 light socket. Insert the LED. I used superglue to hold it in place.
20150603_133430_Wynkoop St.jpg

Connect the socket housing and socket adaptor together.
20150608_162048_Wynkoop St.jpg

Our light housing is about 2.25" deep from lens to back. Because the projector needs to point straight back, the LED and socket housing needs to stack to stack up to less than that. I re-routed the wires in the new socket to come out the side of the socket to save space. The socket gets epoxied to the back of the tail light housing. The adapter is inserted into the factory socket.
20150608_190055_Clarkson St.jpg

That's it.

LED projector with reflector cone is on the left. Factory incandescent is on the right.
20150620_211258_Argentine St.jpg

I don't know the lumens of the $15 Chinese LEDs I bought, but with the flashlight reflector cone, all 16 LEDs are shining straight back,, rather than filling the housing and relying on the small and not-very-shiny factory "reflector" to push the light backwards.
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Sep 28, 2015
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That's cool! I have the Savvy LED taillights, and the reverse lights on them are so bright that you'd think you had a light bar in the back when you put it in reverse. However, if I didn't have them, I'd definitely do something like this, since I like being able to see where I'm going when in reverse, especially at night.


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Jul 12, 2018
Singer Island
Great idea. I took the poor man's route and painted the interior of the taillight housings bright gloss white. Wanted to replace the bulb with LEDs but didn't want to fool with the electrical load issue so just replaced them with brighter halogens. Since this is for the backup light, I may give it a shot since the electrical resistance is moot.... thanks for the write up.


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Oct 25, 2017
Everett, Wash, United States
Really appreciate this thread, thank you all. I just replaced the standard 1156 reverse bulbs with a pair of LEDs from Amazon. Very happy with the additional light when backing!

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View attachment 52676
I ordered a set of these last night for my wife's XJ. I pulled the NSS and disassembled it to clean it up, thereby getting the reverse lights working again. However, they're reverse lights in name, only. I suspect the 900 Lumen LEDs will be much better. Will probably do the same in my TJ.
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