Rocky Mountain Billy Goat Build

I really need to break this out, so probably the last Xterra comment beyond linking to a new thread later.

Imagine a world where you could dial in your spring height with a bolt. Tortion bars are that world, and I've never known it before. Notice all the clean threads. Of course there's plenty of trade offs with IFS, so don't misinterpret that as me suggesting it's better or worse - just new and interesting to me.

It's significantly closer to correct, but I ran out of threads about 1/8" short at the door seam. I have new tortion bars coming this week along with some new shackles for the rear, so I'll have to do all the re-indexing work either way.

For a pretty cheap investment, I'm learning a ton on another platform and it's really enjoyable.

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Yup, torsion bars are pretty cool, particularly the dialing in ride height with a couple bolts part.

Still not a replacement for worn-out torsion bars tho.


You are probably already aware of this, but adjusting the torsion bars sets where in the ride height the suspension rests. It doesn't change the max compression or max downtravel, so if you crank them up, you get less down travel and if you crank them down, you get less up travel.

Was just gonna say this. Learned that the hard way!