1. DeltaNu1142

    2005 LJR Flame Red

    OK, my TJ journey started today. It's been a long day, so this will be pretty short. I may or may not get into it some other time, but I started the buying process of this Jeep in October of last year. I picked it up today with 147,502 miles. It's a 2005 LJ Rubicon 6spd... a rare rust-free...
  2. R

    SOLD 2006 Jeep LJ Hardtop and Full Size Doors $2500.00

    2006 Jeep LJ Hardtop and Full Size Doors $3000.00 Grey top with minor wear, doors have no dings or dents, glass and locks work as expected. All glass, defrost and wiper works as expected.
  3. gaabbee

    New York 2006 Jeep Wrangler LJR

    I’m on Long Island ny. All aftermarket parts have about 3k miles. It has : 4 inch Currie short arm lift with LJ rear specific spring. All new adjustable arms and track bar Black magic rotors and pads with new calipers Antirock sway bar Rancho 5000x shocks 285/75/16s on stock rubicon wheels...
  4. NJW

    I think I have a problem (2003 TJ Rubicon - TJ#9)

    Just need a place to put my thoughts down and think through a recent purchase. I have a problem passing up a good deal. This is my 9th TJ. I had set out to find another LJR, but came across this instead. Here's my latest TJ - a 2003 Rubicon. 41K miles, zero rust anywhere. Outside of one...
  5. Classic>New

    SOLD 2005 Jeep LJR with a Full Off-road Kit! (Automatic)

    I am putting up my 2005 Jeep LJR for sale in the San Diego and Riverside county areas. The vehicle is registered in Nevada and had a smog check done on 11/30/22. It is in excellent condition for it's age with roughly 48,000 miles on it. It has only been taken off-road a couple of times but never...
  6. Rockon Motors

    SOLD 2005 LJ Rubicon Impact Orange

    2005 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon (LJR) 169,105 miles This 1 owner Impact Orange LJR is in beautiful condition. It is one hundred percent stock, aside from the radio (stock radio and bezel go with it). The frame is in great shape, it has not been coated and nothings is being covered up. The...
  7. notGreenLJ

    SOLD Na

  8. notGreenLJ

    Advice on selling my LJ Rubicon

    I am going to list my 2006 automatic LJR for sale and wanted some advice. My wife and I freaking love this Jeep, but we decided to build a house, and construction loans are no joke! I know I won't recoup everything I have put into it (~$35k). I am thinking of listing at $28k but I'm unsure if...
  9. notGreenLJ

    Not As Mild As I Initially Thought Build

    Well, if the goal was to just do it once, then I royally messed up. Last ~September I bought my first ever jeep! This past week I bought another, and intend to move my upgrades to the new Jeep. Mission failed. Let me start by saying that this is an awesome forum and extend my thanks to all you...
  10. The IsARubicon

    The IsARubicon - 2006 Impact Orange LJ Rubicon

    Say hello to "The IsARubicon" - Baby brother to my 2012 JKU "NotARubicon" (if you're into JKs you can see that build here) We purchased the IsARubicon in Jan 2020 for $19k, with 57,000 miles on it. First pic is how it looked driving it home. The Jeep was in good shape and came with Hardtop...
  11. Mitch8801

    Need opinions on buying this LJ Rubicon

    I have a buddy who owns a stock 2005 LJ Rubicon 6spd with 100,xxx Km. He is wanting to get rid of it, and I can get it for a really good deal. However I know he hasn’t taken good care of it, and the inline 6 has been redlined quite a bit and shifted pretty aggressively, anyway, just curious if...
  12. dylansalrin

    2005 LJ Rubicon *newly detailed*

    Newly detailed 10/13/19 This is a 2005 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon, also known as an LJ, LJR, TJU etc... I flew to Oregon in 2018 to get this Jeep. This jeep has zero rust on the body and frame is clean as a 2005 can be. It has been stored for all the winters it spent in the rust belt...
  13. tomtaylz

    SOLD 2005 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon - 40k Miles

    2005 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon Automatic, Hard Top, 40k miles in San Francisco CA with a clean title in my possession Build Thread: click me As I've mentioned to a few people, I'm planning on moving on from my LJR. It's been good to me, but I can only have one vehicle in my current...
  14. gotgneissschist

    Crush LJR

    Update: Hey guys! Here is "Crush" (short for rock crusher, I'm a geologist by trade). About to do a full build, getting closer (mid-September) so I'm updating my plans as I start (and learn more)... and any advice is welcome. I bought her mid June 2019. She came with 124k miles, never having...
  15. DougB

    2005 Jeep Rubicon Unlimited (LJR)

    Found this over at Expedition Portal. Great looking LJR at a fantastic asking price. https://www.expeditionportal.com/forum/threads/2005-jeep-rubicon-unlimited-built-18-900.205110/
  16. rasband

    Rocky Mountain Billy Goat Build

    My build will be over a long period, so this thread will be slow. Thanks mods for putting together a good spot to share/document everything! The starting point is thankfully mostly stock (no need to worry about shotty work): 2006 Rubicon Unlimited 6 Speed Manual 50,000 miles Soft Top (Rampage)...
  17. Ardenlonewolf

    1998 Sahara found in Boston 61,000