The good news thread


Owens' final game of the season was last night. That's him in the upper left. They played a friendly with the 15-16 year old kids in their league. It was a fun game and the older kids were great with the little guys. There were a few gloves off faux battles that the crowd loved. It was a good time. Owen is thinking about sitting out the spring and summer season and giving soccer a shot. His Dad, who still plays hockey in the same league, is a bit miffed. His Mom, though, likes the idea. The cost of soccer equipment versus hockey equipment is a no brainer. Soccer gear, even with a ball, fits in a shopping tote bag. Owens' hockey gear bag is as big as him.

Other good news, Mrs. Cheesy's is now cancer free. She still has to do radiation treatments, but those should be a walk in the park. I had the surgery on my ankle a week ago. A plate and 5 screws on my fibula and a plastic anchor on my deltoid ligament. I guess I also tore that during the unpleasantness last month. I've just been slightly useless around the house.;)

I have managed to get out to the garage via my knee scooter the last couple of days. I was able to get the 90 year old lathe bolted to the bench and started to go through it. It takes a bit longer to get things done but just getting out of the house is worth it. It's cold and crappy today, so no garage time. Maybe we'll go see Dune this afternoon.
The wife an I settle on our new house on March 15. Its just us and the dogs so finding a 2 bedroom that wasn't too small was difficult. Our needs list were pretty particular: Close to current home to make work commute consistent, big yard for dogs (0.6 acres), basement needed a high ceiling for our gym, between 1200-1500 sq ft overall. Being that its just her and I, I didn't want to get a home with extra rooms that we will never need. We are pumped!
Mrs.Cheesy needed one final test done to determine if her follow up treatment would actually be chemo or radiation. We kept being told it would be radiation but her Oncologist said, "Not so fast." That was done soon after my last post. We were told 5 to 7 days to get the results. Yeah, right.

Anywho, she finally heard back yesterday, three weeks late. A score of 26 or over meant chemo. Her's was 13, so sunburns it is. I can put up with her whining from a bit of discomfort. If she'd be dealing with the side effects of chemo, I'd got nuts.
I get to start a part time job next Tuesday working 2 days a week for a tile company. I'll be driving to Tucson to pick up tile and granite slabs for the insallers. It will give me money to pay down some debt and also put a little money into my TJR. @Cheesy , happy to hear about your wife's diagnosis. I survived kidney cancer and the chemo started to really suck at the end.
Good news with my ankle. The fibula, per the bone doc, has healed 'perfectly'. I can now start putting weight on it while on crutches. That makes those peckers a bit more tolerable. Doing that, I was able to get myself in and out of the pickup with no help. I can get in and out of the LJ, too, but I'm not quite ready for the clutch yet. The boot and the clutch pedal don't play well together and it's a bit hurty. Hopefully, I'll be wearing a matching pair of shoes in another 4 or 5 weeks.

For something completely different,

Buster dog wholly approves of the new couch.