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Tire size measurement methods


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Jul 23, 2020
Why bring rim size and sidewall height into the confusion?
No intent to cause more confusion or consternation. It’s just the only way I have ever even thought of finding this info. Probably all wrong but it’s what I’ve got. 😬


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Nov 20, 2015
Quail Valley, CA
That despite some glimpses of hope, some things will never change
Before much longer, I'll have relegated my discussions to avoid topics that are an inherent waste of time which will leave little more than guessing games about what something is, where something goes, and what color lightbar works bestest with which angry grill selection.
Suspension is out.
Shocks are out.
Tire size is out.
How bolts work is out.
Ball joints are out.
Axle versus tire size is out.

Maybe steering is in because that still seems to be an area folks don't mind learning about but even then that gets to be on very thin ice at times when hydro assist gets tossed in the mix. Nah, thinking more, that's out as well since the last few where 2.5" of effective backspacing was said by several to not have a detrimental effect on Moog TJ ball joints with 37" tires. Not one word or even the concept of scrub radius was brought in and the only concern was keeping the tire off the frame in turns.