Tox's dream trailer

If you guys want to get technical, it's rated to operate with a load of up to 66.6 amps at 120v below 500ft of elevation and below 77F ambient temperature.

I've put a constant load of 58 amps on it for a couple of hours as per break-in instructions with absolutely no voltage drop and it otherwise hasn't complained so far.
Which model did you settle on?
You mentioned wishing yours was diesel powered. I don't have any experience with RVing to know if it's good, but they do make a smaller 3000 size diesel generator that they can stand pipe from a RV main fuel tank that could be an option for you.

I have a 5 KW gen set on my motorhome and when they were being built you had the option of getting a diesel in place of the propane unit. I know one unit that has the diesel instead of the propane. For me since my coach engine is diesel having a diesel gen set IMO makes life easier since I can always run into town and grab 20 gallons of fuel. With the propane if you run out you can hook up the smaller portable bottles but it's just not as convenient.

I am surprised that Onan suggested a 8KW unit for you since you want to run your generator at around 80% load as much as possible. And I can't imagine that you'll be pulling that much power on a normal bases. Like you I plan to boondock more than stay in campgrounds but I am planning on adding more solar to my system and upgrading my batteries also.
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Once the order books open back up for the F450 I'm likely going to trade and then my trailer tires and truck tires will match so chains will be interchangeable too (except maybe dual chains for the rear).

Good decision. F450 is the right way to go for what you are doing.
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Tow rig heaven!!

I'm kind of digging on the availability of the air ride rear suspension... and the gear drive transfer case.


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