Transfer case leak

Not a bad plan! I just changed the fluid in the case so we'll see how that pans out. I may try to silicone that leaking spot if y'all don't think that's too bad of an idea.
I'd try carefully torquing the tail housing to see if that would help (careful with it being aluminum). Otherwise take the tailhousing off, clean off the silicone and put a new layer on and torquing back to spec. You can pull the speedo gear out (just one bolt) and inspect your oring too because that section of the tailhousing looks nasty too.
Hey guys so quick update. I haven't had the chance to clean it up and try to torque it down yet or silicone it but I did get up under it to listen for a knocking sound when it shuts off and it's coming from the transfer case as far as I can tell.
So I tried to seal up that leak and had 0 luck. It might actually be leaking worse now. I'm thinking a new t case may be in order. What do y'all think?