What was your first Jeep?

My first was a 93 Sahara, was stock when I bought it in 08 with 115K on it. Ended up doing 2.5" suspension, 8.8 Swap & SYE to it. By far was the jeep I had the most fun in. I beat the living piss out of that thing on my buddies farm almost every weekend. Bought it for $2K and when I traded it on my 04 Rubi in 2013, got $2500 for it. Next was the 04 the Rubi from 2013-16 and then my LJR since 2016. Don't plan to every get rid of the LJR.

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I'm just curious, why do people do the 8.8 swap? My TJ has an 8.8 rear end as well. It was like that when I got it.
I'm just curious, why do people do the 8.8 swap? My TJ has an 8.8 rear end as well. It was like that when I got it.

I did the 8.8 swap after I destroyed my Dana 35. I think for a TJ its not worth it, but for a YJ it was a pretty simple swap that a buddy of mine and I did in his garage.
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My first Jeep was a 87 ish 2wd Comanche. Bought in around 99. Traded it off for a 97 TJ in 2001 Traded that for a 2002 TJ in 2014 for a 2014 JK. Bought wife a 2005 LJ which got totalled last year. Got a 97 Saraha TJ then. We own 2 Jeeps now the 14 JK and the 97 TJ.
My first Jeep is the one I have now. And I freaking love it so someday my kids will probably inherit it. It’s a fantastic rig for the big island. Rack on top for hauling a kayak, lockers for the occasional wet nasty exploring, comfortable enough to pick up visitors at the airport, and old enough that everyone knows I live here and am not just another lost tourist. I would have bought one years earlier, and almost did, but my commute was long and these things only get about 17 mpg-just couldn’t justify spending a couple thousand dollars more per year on gas versus a mid-sized commuter car.
I learned to drive in my uncle's '47 CJ-2A, but the first Jeep that I owned was a "76 CJ5 with the 258 straight 6 and a 3 speed T-18 manual transmission. It began its life as a Levi's Edition but by the time it got to me it had been repainted at least twice, although it still had the original denim pattern seats and soft top (in really bad shape, so I replaced them almost immediately). I kept the boy, though...

After installing a pair of high back bucket seats, a rear seat with a storage box underneath and a soft top that actually had windows, I drove it from Pensacola, FL to San Diego, CA in three days, wearing ear plugs for the whole trip (my wife and son made the trip in our other car, thereby avoiding the head-in-a-drum experience familiar to all soft top Jeepers who have endured long road trips).

A few years later we moved to a town just outside Portland, OR (yep, they took the car again and left me to drive the Shellshock Special). A couple of years later it was wrecked by a drunk driver who slammed into it while it was parked on the street outside our apartment. I won't show that photo, I still want to cry when I see it. 😭 It was replaced by an '89 XJ, followed by a '98 XJ, and finally with my current '06 LJ. You might say that I have fully embraced the Jeep lifestyle. You might also say that I take a perverse pride in being perennially bereft of ready cash...