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    How to lubricate the blend door?

    your TJ is a year newer then mine so you should have the electric actuator, is it broken on the actuator? or on the cable connector?
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    How to lubricate the blend door?

    if you remove the actuator, you can manually adjust the door, so you can at least have heat.
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    How to lubricate the blend door?

    I verified that the electric actuator is working. the blend door was so stiff, it would not move. I have broken it loose with a crescent wrench. so I need to find the best way to lubricate it as it is difficult to do from underneath.
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    How to lubricate the blend door?

    so to explain, I replaced the radiator, the tore my meniscus in my left knee (My TJ is a stick) so the jeep has been sitting for about 6 months. My roommate messed up his Hummer(H3) so asked if I could tow it home. and when driving it I found I was unable to turn on the heat.
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    How to lubricate the blend door?

    long story short, jumping into my jeep found the heat wasn't working Since I had just replaced my radiator, went through all of the troubleshooting. what I found is the actuator is unable to drive the blend door. I was able to use a crescent wrench to move it, and verified that is the issue...
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    Will '06 stereo head unit fit in a '99 Will it sound bad compared to my Kenwood

    Here are some examples, I don't remember needing an adapter Center dash console cover center dash bezel
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    Will '06 stereo head unit fit in a '99 Will it sound bad compared to my Kenwood

    you will need to swap out the center console cover. you will also need the center dash bezel, where the switches are as the 97-02 had a built in ashtray, and the older TJs don't. the switches will fit either...
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    The unfortunate JKU & JLU of the day thread

    I believe this is officially a clown car
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    Wrangler TJ Radiator Replacement

    you might check this one: it is the one selected by the forum earlier in the write up. it is half the price you are looking at and one of the reviews stated they had a '98 that fit
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    Wrangler TJ Radiator Replacement

    given a choice between trusting the dealer and trusting Amazon, I would go with the dealer every time. but check the reviews, most of the time they will tell you what they put in. Oh, and call another dealer! see what they offer.
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    How to sound deaden the interior of your TJ

    you are doing fine! I did mine in sections and took quite a bit longer than that
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    Ac system

    AC systems are strange on the TJs, they are different just about every single year. While they have a bit in common, you may need to transfer all the parts that are paired to that year. I have a 99 and a 2002, the ACs look to be completely different.
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    Official Craigslist Thread

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    Might need to get a second Jeep

    Proper number of jeeps to have? one more...
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    M100 jeep trailer

    The previous owner put air shocks on it, I assume to put off buying the springs, but they are in very good shape. the previous shocks were so bad if I stood in the back of the trailer, the springs were almost flat. But on the bright side, they will make some very good knife blades!