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    TJ lost power on the highway and shut down

    This has happened to me twice and turned out to be the crank position sensor. The only difference in symptoms was the ignition switch issue.
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    TJs in beautiful places

    I did that run in '92 in a stock YJ four banger. So fun! I was with a bunch of folks driving CJs. They said I'd never make it. 😂
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    TJs in beautiful places

    Peloncillo Mountains, AZ. Close to the New Mexico border.
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    TJs in beautiful places

    Beautiful work!
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    32RH transmission leak from bell housing

    Awesome, thank you!
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    32RH transmission leak from bell housing

    @Jerry Bransford It's the original transmission. Good to know I'm on the right track. Is there anything I should do while I have the transmission down? The rear main seal and output seal are only a couple of years old.
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    Overheated but not showing it

    I used thermocure to flush mine. It worked way better than anything I've used before.
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    32RH transmission leak from bell housing

    I have a leak from the bell housing. I'm guessing it's the input shaft seal. It's not overfilled so it's not from the vent. Any seal brand recommendations and anything else I should do with the cover off? Or other seals I should buy just in case?
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    High RPM during acceleration 98 TJ

    At freeway speeds it jumps to a little over 4000rpm. It seems as though it's shifting down into second. But it only does it on really hot days. It doesn't do it in the morning on the way to work. Just on the way home. When I lived in Oregon this never happened. Only since I've moved to Arizona...
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    High RPM during acceleration 98 TJ

    The filter has about 8000 miles. I changed it last October, ATF+4 only. I check the fluid regularly ( engine at operating temp in neutral on level ground). I've had this Jeep for 21 years. This is kind of a new thing. It ran cooler with mopar parts. Which is why the temperature concerns me and...
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    High RPM during acceleration 98 TJ

    The details; TJ Sport six cylinder. 31-10.50's on original steelies. When it's stupid hot out ( currently 109 in Phoenix ) if I'm on the freeway and stomp on the gas the rpms jump up to about 4500 before the torque converter locks up. Though it actually seems like it's downshifting into 2nd...
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    Who Has A Lift With Stock Steel Wheels?

    Stock steelies with 31x10.50 and 2.5 inch lift.
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    Jeep slowly died while driving and now it won't start

    When I had crank position sensor issues the first time the jeep would start fine if cold. But the minute it reached operating temperature it was was like the key got turned off only the steering wheel didn't lock. It wouldn't even crank until the engine cooled off. The second time, six years...
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    Arizona AZ wheeling weekend of 4/4 or 4/11

    The baaaaaaaaand! Blues Brothers cosplay while wheeling!