ball joints

  1. Brian.souhan

    Yukon Ball Joints Lower Zerk

    Hi all, Picture attached but due to a shortage of spicer 709644x ball joints, went with the Yukon ones, but to my surprise the lower joint had a Zerk fitting…in a test fit with just sliding the axle in, it looks like it either just barely clears or just barely hits, so my question is do I...
  2. J

    Questions about installing new ball joints on my TJ

    I am looking at swapping out my ball joints this weekend. Is it absolutely necessary to have to remove the axle to remove the ball joints, or is there another way. If I have to remove the axle, is it as easy as sliding it out and sliding back in? Do I have to mark the spline and put it...
  3. J

    Steering wheel play

    I recently replaced all the steering linkage and front end parts minus the ball joints on my 2002 TJ. It is driving fine down the road, but the shop we took it to wouldn't align it because of all the play on the steering wheel. I am new to working on Jeeps, this is the first one I've owned. Can...
  4. bbiggyz

    Ball joint kit recommendation

    Hey there, went for an alignment today and was told I needed new ball joints and tie rod ends. Quoted $1,200 figured I'd do it myself. I found this kit at 1A Auto which had basically everything and more for $160, and even found a guy near me selling a similar kit for $100 still in the box. I...
  5. ClevelandBass

    Ball Joints

    Crown Ball Joint Kit including Hardware for Wrangler TJ. Full Front Kit. I had death Wobble and corrected the problem without having to change the Ball Joints. I only opened the Box to check them out and take pictures for this ad.
  6. 1Blacktj

    Would having bad ball joints make it very rough going over bumps or cracks in the road?

    So I know a few people have probably asked about this but I wanted to describe my problem. I have had the 3.25 lift from RC on for almost a year now. I know most people don't recommend RC but hindsight is 20/20. for the better part of the last year my Jeep has rode great considering it is a Jeep...
  7. T

    Any recommendation on ball joints?

    In need of new ball joints for the Jeep. Any recommendations on brand? I would like greasable. Thank you
  8. PStov98TJ

    Worn Out Tie Rod Ends and Ball Joints

    So I've been having a slight shimmy and recently a clunk, when I hit bumps on the road, independent of speed. I don't think this is a tire balance issue, although I plan to have that checked out as well. I know it isn't a trackbar issue because I confirmed the torque on both bolts today. Both...
  9. Rook

    Ball joint adapters?

    Can anyone who has ever done the ball joints on a TJ before confirm whether there adapters are actually needed or not?
  10. Chris

    New suspension and bushings = one hell of a nice ride!

    So, I spent the past several months putting on a new lift (2.5" OME springs with Bilstein 5100 shocks and IRO track bars), new axles (RCV and Revolution), new 33" Duratrac tires, and so much more. In the process I've replaced every single suspension bushing all the way down to the ball joints...
  11. Chris

    Wrangler TJ Ball Joint Replacement

    If you own a Jeep Wrangler TJ and happen to run larger tires (most of us do) or off-road it at all, you're likely going to go through ball joints in short order. Depending on how hard you wheel (and how big your tires are), it's not uncommon to have to replace them every 40k miles (sometimes...
  12. TJDave

    Upgraded ball joints?

    I plan on replacing the ball joints on my TJ as preventative maintenance. While I'm at it, is there a worthwhile ball joint upgrade that anyone has experience with or should I just run the OE Spicer ones?