dash lights

  1. F

    Upshift light coming on in an automatic

    I bought an 02 Sahara 4.0 automatic. When driving the upshift indicator (yellow up arrow) on the dash comes on when it’s shifting gears… when I get to I guess the last gear around 40mph the arrow comes on and off and on and off a few times over a few seconds and it feels like the jeep is trying...
  2. N

    Right turn signal indicator light issue

    Hello all! So in my 2000 se jeep wrangler I'm having an issue with the right turn signal indicator light where when in the parking light position it is constantly dim, I have upgraded the indicator lights to led, and the front parking and side marker lights to led as well all the turnsignal...
  3. Cheetokps

    Melting fuse and no tail lights or dash lights

    Hello, I am having an issue where every now and then my tail lights, dashboard lights, and side markers will turn off. Often it will go back to normal or I can wiggle around the fuse and it will fix it. However, this time I was not able to fix it and had to drive 2 hours on the highway with no...
  4. JTR

    Need help diagnosing my TJ

    I have a 2004 TJ with the straight six manual transmission. Over the past couple of months my gauge cluster lights back lighting has been blinking on the left side once in a while. About a week and a half ago the dash does not light up when I turn on the headlights. All other indicator...
  5. Winks42

    Dash lights going crazy

    Well as a pulled into my driveway my dash lights went crazy. Didn't hit a bump or anything. I fixed it by turning my turn signal left but was wonder what caused this or what needs replaced as I assume this will happen again
  6. D

    Dash light not turning off

    Just recently I got back home after being away for 5 months, to my 2003 TJ's battery dead. I swapped out the battery and thats when the problem started. At first it was just a slight clicking that could be heard in the main cab of the jeep. Then after I fully turned it on it sounded like my Lane...
  7. Dylanewski

    Reoccurring brake light on dash

    On my dash I’ve had a brake light come on every once in awhile since I bought it. The light will come on randomly and flash making it’s annoying *beep at me until I stop the car. The break light is very random and seems to come on periodically. Once in awhile it will flash on and off randomly...
  8. R

    Dash light wire for aftermarket gauge

    It doesn't look like this forum has covered this yet, so I have a new gauge that is both vacuum tubed and electrical for its own light. Currently, I have it wired into the stereos acc., so that it comes on when the jeep is on. A quick solution I could wrap my head around and access easily. Now...
  9. T

    Tail lights and dash lights not working

    My headlights and brake lights work just fine but I can’t get my tail lights or dash lights to work. I checked my fuses in the two fuse boxes located behind the glove box and under the hood. Anyone here that can help me figure out what’s wrong?