1. E

    SOLD Control arms, track bars

    Metal Cloak front set 7051 and 7050 $350 Savvy rear set 9103SA and 9106SA $500 JKS track bar front 18055 and rear 18268 $350 Savvy NP231 TC cable $100 At the moment i am only taking dibs, no payments. I will need about a week to take everything off the Jeep. Everything is roughly 2 years...
  2. DaveC

    SOLD JKS Quicker Disconnects for 2.5" - 6" lift + OEM front sway bar

    JKS Quicker Disconnects for 2.5" - 6" lift + OEM front sway bar taken off my TJ when I recently installed a Swayloc. In very good condition. The discos have ~15k miles on them. Regularly greased and you can see the bushings are in great shape. Local pick up in the Phoenix area.
  3. g.hayduke

    SOLD JKS Quick Disconnects

    I have a pair if JKS quick disconnects for 0-4" lift that are in great condition. I'd like to get $100 shipped domestically. Nothing wrong with them.
  4. g.hayduke

    SOLD JKS Upper Rear CAs - New Flex Joint Innards $125

    I have a pair of JKS upper rear CAs for Jeep TJs. I rebuilt the flex joints after I removed them. So they are functionally like new. New they are over $300/pair. I'm asking $125 shipped domestic.
  5. PanAmLJ23

    SOLD Red 2005 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited LJ 6 Speed

    Hey guys I'm selling my 6 speed 05 LJ. I've owned it 2 years as of last week. I recently smogged it and the registration is paid. Why am I selling? I'm going back to school so the proceeds go toward that. The Jeep's been really good to me. I've never wheeled it. I obviously had plans for it but...
  6. DaveC

    Anyone here from JKS?

    Is there anyone here from JKS? I've got the Quicker Disconnects on my TJ (part # JKs2001 for TJ w/2.5 - 4" of lift) and recently, one of the pins that thread into/bolt onto the frame to mount the discos on when they're disconnected from the axle worked its way loose and must have fallen off...
  7. MountaineerTom

    SOLD JKS 1.25" Body Lift

    Got it 2 years ago with a kit from DPG Offroad but never got around to using it.
  8. DaveC

    SOLD JKS 1.25" Body Lift

    New in box; never installed.
  9. DaveC

    SOLD JKS 1" Motor Mount Lift

    New in box, never mounted, JKS 1" motor mount lift.
  10. A

    SOLD Metalcloak and JKS Control Arms

    I have for sale one lower set of Metalcloak control arms for a TJ/LJ/XJ and one upper set of JKS control arms. Roughly 6000 miles on them and the bushings are in great shape with no cracking. The JKS inner bearing has always had grease, operates smoothly, and is easy to adjust. I replaced all...
  11. PanAmLJ23

    California 1.25” JKS body lift (NEW)

    New 1.25 JKS body lift for jeep tj/lj. Bought it but went in another direction. Still in original packaging
  12. aeyler94

    JKS Trackbar 126 vs 128

    Planning on upgrading to the JKS trackbar however I'm having trouble determining the difference between the OGS126 and OGS128? All I can find is that: 1) 126 uses the tapered cone and 9/16 bolt, while the 128 uses 5/8 bolt 2) 126 is for 1"-3.5" while 128 is for 2.5+ lift Am I missing anything...
  13. TJustin

    Utah JKS Track Bar and Axle Side Relocation Bracket

    For sale is a used JKS rear track bar with Johnny Joint at adjustable end and axle mounted relocation bracket. This track bar has been great, but now am looking to go triangulated 4 link. The threads on the adjustable sides are nice and clean. Asking $150 obo
  14. N

    Misc TJ/LJ Parts

    Hello, Everyone; All parts off of a 2006 LJ. JKS disconnects: 2 years old, all parts included. $50 plus shipping SOLD. Taillight guards: 3 years old, minor surface rust. $15 plus shipping? Magnaflow muffler: 2 years old, no damage, some oxidation. I don't know which type or part number...
  15. J

    JKS Long Arm Kit w/extended brake lines

    I have for sale the JKS long arm kit posted in the photos below. Items are unopened.
  16. techster82

    FS: JKS Rear Adjustable Trackbar with Bracket - OGS151B - New in Box

    For sale is a new in box JKS rear adjustable trackbar (OGS151B) for the TJ/LJ (3-6" lift) and comes with the optional relocation bracket (OGS160). $250 shipped to your door in the 48 states.
  17. Steven Preyer

    Upgrading my 2006 Silver Rubicon

    So in August I bought my first jeep ever. Our family had been looking at getting a tow vehicle for our Motorhome for some time but couldn't make up our mind. On a trip out to Sedona and then the Grand Canyon we decided to do the Pink Jeep Tour on Broken Arrow trail and my 6 year old daughter was...
  18. Kyle_W

    MML, BL, Tow Hooks, "The Cure!"

    All of these came off my Jeep or were for my Jeep - just don't need them anymore. $30 ($135 brand new) - JKS 1.25" body lift (one of the radiator jounce bumpers was damaged by our dog, however, it looks like it'll still fit into the radiator bumper hole) $20 - factory front tow hooks, with...
  19. mgroeger

    Is this a stupid idea?

    I'm sure people will think I'm an idiot for what I am about to ask but here it goes... I have an OME lift which is a very nice ride. I also have JKS J-Flex adjustable control arms and track bars. These arms have a ball joint at the one end. This ball joint makes a clicking noise in certain...
  20. mgroeger

    Tightening suspension components and static tire balancing

    History: 2004 LJ - OME 2" lift, 1.25" JKS body lift, JKS upper/lower control arms, track bars and sway bar links, all of which are completely adjustable. The Jeep is in the shop for an alignment and wheel balance. This is a performance shop that deals with 4x4 off road vehicles as well as track...