1. R

    06 TJ for sale. How bad is the rust on the frame and springs?

    Hi! I have been reading this forum religiously since the past month to learn about maintaining and loving a TJ. I’ve been in the market for a TJ for some time and came across an ‘06 Sport with decent mileage, automatic, 4L I6, mostly been in WV and about 6 years in Ohio. What do you all think of...
  2. T

    Rust Repair

    Hey guys, so I wanted to upgrade my suspension (was thinking of the H&R + Rancho combo) but as I took a closer look I've now realized that that my rear upper coil spring mounts on both sides are pretty rusted. When I boutht the jeep a few years ago, the first thing I looked for was rust (thanks...
  3. I

    Looking to buy this 98 4.0

    Wanting to purchase this Jeep. 5 speed w 125k miles for $9k. 4 inch lift, aftermarket wheels and tires, upgraded headlights, new bucket style sport seats. Previous owner had it for 2 months but other PO had rebuilt the frame? Also, rust spots on the door and driveshaft/differential (pictures...
  4. JeepGirl1013

    Purchased my first TJ

    I just purchased my first TJ and it’s frame Is in GREAT shape. No rust anywhere. It’s a great project car. I drove to AR to pick her up. She has a rebuilt motor and seems to have been kept up for the most part. I bought her from an elderly gentleman who says he’s basically just started her...
  5. J

    Too much rust?

    Hi guys!! I’m thinking about getting a 2.8 sport 2014, overall It looks really good but I’m not sure if this is too much rust?? 🤔 The only visible rust I could find!
  6. N

    Is this rust too much or okay for purchase?

    Hi Guys pretty new in Jeeps, but decided to join the "army" :) Found this 1999 model TJ on Dana44 pretty nice inside outside and took few pics under...would appreciate if someone give me some nice and honest opinion how bad or good or ok is this one or should I just walk away? Owner says no rust...
  7. C

    Getting Rid of Rusted / Rotted Jeep

    Howdy - I bought a 1998 TJ Sport a couple of years ago knowing it was kinda on it's last legs. The time has come. It's rusting like crazy (located in CT). The muffler fell off, and when I went to get it fixed the mechanic basically said I shouldn't be driving it around at all for fear that the...
  8. J

    Frame Cap Drain holes

    Just had some Frame Caps added to both front and rear trail arm mounts, and center skid plate. The question is do I add drain holes to the recommended spots right under all 4 trail arm mounts? There aren't any real places for water to escape the frame since the frame caps don't have side holes...
  9. O

    New York 1997-2002 Center Frame Repair section - Pocono Metal

    I have an unused 1997-2002 center repair section from Pocono Metal. Label and online order info doesn't specify left or right. Guessing from the photos, it is the right center frame piece. They sent me (or I mis-ordered) the wrong part. $130 new. Make an offer. Can help with delivery any...
  10. I

    2001 TJ head vs. heart: fix her up or let her go?

    Hi all! Though this is my first post, I’ve come to this site countless times over the years for advice and how to’s; it’s been an invaluable resource to me. I figured what better place to seek pragmatic advice over the fate of my beloved TJ. Currently, I’m at a tipping point with it. It...
  11. Gabrock

    Help with rusted tub

    Hey guys! So I recently removed some old rocker panels that have been on the Jeep since before I got it and I found this awful patch of rust underneath. From what I can tell the previous owner used bondo really poorly and now it’s coming back to bite me. Any advice on how to take care of this? I...
  12. crazyshot97

    Is this a clean frame?

    Hi all. Brand new to Wranglers, and have never inspected a frame in my life. Any specific spots to look out for when purchasing? I have these pictures of what I would consider to be a very clean frame. Would you all agree or are you seeing anything I’m not seeing? Thanks!
  13. Granite

    Body rust: what would you do?

    I’ve had some rust bubbling up through the paint and figured I’d tackle it like Chris Fix does. So I removed the fender flares, fender liners, and rubi rails. In doing so I found some areas that were much worse and some evidence of prior patch work by the PO. As I started wire-wheeling I...
  14. A

    Rusted undercarriage worth it?

    Hi there. I'm new to Jeeps and looking for at old wranglers near me bc they're cheap, manuals, and I can feasibly learn to do some work on it myself. However, I live in the Northeast where salt and rust can be pretty bad. I drove a 2006 Wrangler today and loved it but it had some significant...
  15. AndyA

    Acceptable Rust Inside Frame?

    Hi! I am currently shopping for a TJ and I have an endoscope to look inside the frame. I see plenty of threads on here about rust showing external pictures and I know what is good/bad there, but what about inside the frame? For example is the inside of the frame the same as anywhere else -...
  16. F

    Looking for opinions on 02 TJ Sahara undercarriage condition

    Considering this Florida one-owner 2002 Sahara automatic with 178k miles. Going to see it this weekend and wanting to buy. Exterior looks great, underside looks clean for the most part aside from some touch up paint - but to me it seems like it’s just the owner’s preference to touch it up black...
  17. Aarontj2.5

    Gas tank rust?

    I had a rusty gas tank skid and am now replacing it. I was cleaning up the tank before putting everything together and it looks like some of the rust from the skid is stuck on the tank. I was just wondering if this is something I need to worry about and if it is, how I could get it off.
  18. mynamesrickgrimes

    Rust behind fender liner; what's the next move?

    Cleaning up my father in law's TJ for Spring and recommended to him that we remove the fender liners for a deep clean. Sure enough, we encountered some decent rust behind them which I think we've caught just in the nick of time. That said, how would you all recommend addressing? Cut out the...
  19. S

    Poison Spyder armor rust

    Hello all, new to the forums, not new to jeeps, on my second Jeep build and I went with poison spyder crusher corners this go around for my tub armor, the product has awesome build quality and is really nice but I’ve started to get some rust behind the flares (they’re welded on) any ideas how I...
  20. Crazyman1304

    Rust problems

    My TJ has developed some pretty gnarly rust on the rockers. She's my pride and joy but also my only car so id love to find a way to mitigate it. I live in Minnesota and we get nasty winters here meaning lots and lots of road salt I clean it quite a bit in the winter at a self-serve wash but...