1. rawzconn

    SOLD 1997 Sahara Pristine Condition

    Hello all! My name is Ross. I’m not a scammer. I bought a very nice TJ last year for my wife. I have to sell for personal reasons. 1997 Jeep Wrangler Sahara 4.0L Garage kept and covered. This TJ is in pristine shape! No dents or chips on the Stone White original paint. 36,000 original...
  2. zachpeakee

    Colorado Daily-Driven Trail Warrior

    New to the forums, and decided to start a build thread for my 2000 Sahara TJ. Always thought build threads were fun to scroll, and also enjoy the idea of having a "log" of my TJ's life. Lived in South Carolina, spent my whole life around fast cars, and the car/racing scene in general...
  3. MattD25

    Just bought my first TJ!

    My father has owned this 98 Sahara for about 10 years now. I have always enjoyed driving this with him. 4.0 with 5 speed manual and lots of accessories. I just bought it from him and drove it about 700 miles back home. This is my first off road style vehicle, so I have a lot to learn. Just...
  4. K

    WTB: 97 - 98 Moss Green Sahara

    This is a relatively specific want: 1997 or 1998 Moss Green Pearl Coat Sahara A/C 4.0L with 5 speed Dana 44 I would like one that is stock or relatively stock. I'd prefer half doors and a soft top, and prefer 3.55 (97) or 3.73 (98) gears, and would love to have gambler wheels. The...
  5. Jakedjq

    SOLD 2002 TJ Sahara 4.0 - $10,499 - 183K Miles

    4.0 engine Automatic transmission A/C works just fine 182K+ miles Clean Title $10,499 OBO I've owned this jeep for 17 years and she still runs great. Recently I've had the transmission rebuilt, new control arms and new shocks. This jeep is stock and has been since I've owned it. Within the last...
  6. doc54

    YJ Sahara Decals on TJ

    I've been looking into buying the YJ Sahara decals (The 1994 Spice/Red stripes that go from the hood, across the cowl and doors, to the rear). Has anyone put these decals on a '97-'02 Sahara or seen someone that has? I'm not too sure how'd they look. These are the one's I'm thinking about: I...
  7. SSTJ

    WTB: Sahara Rocker Flares (FOUND)

    Any color is fine, as I'll be painting them. Black is preferable, though. I am in SC, since shipping would probably be a hassle. But I suppose they'd be pretty light.
  8. doc54

    Need help with serpentine belt

    Hi, I have a ‘97 TJ Sahara with power steering and AC. I recently had my water pump replaced and a few days later my serpentine belt snapped. I bought a Continental Serpentine Belt from AutoZone (Part Number 4060910) and after spending over an hour was unable to get it around all the...
  9. 0

    Idaho 2005 LJ Rubicon

    2005 Jeep Wrangler TJ Unlimited Rubicon (LJ), with 97,765 miles. Has four link suspension, new 37" BFG KM3 tires, Dana 44 axles with 4:56 gears and lockers, sway bar disconnects, bumpers front and rear with tire swing, 10k winch with synthetic rope, progressive springs for a smooth ride with mx6...
  10. Ryan41

    exhaust manifold and catalytic converter replacement

    Hi guys I got a 99 with a noisy rattling cat so i was looking to replace it. Before i order my parts i was looking into where it mounts to the manifold and that didnt look in too good of shape. so I started it up and stuck my hand up there before it got too hot and sure enough on one of the...
  11. Baigly

    California Bestop TrailMax II Seat Set Trade

    Looking to trade a set of Bestop TrailMax II seats in Spice for a set of good to excellent condition front OEM 1999-2002 Sahara seats. Seats are in good condition with no stains or rips. Front seats come with adapter brackets for 1999-2006 Wrangler sliders. Rear seat comes with all mounting...
  12. freedom_in_4low

    SOLD Sahara rocker covers

    rocker covers from a 99 Sahara in Forest Green Pearl. Very good condition. Willing to ship. The package will be 55x9x9 and weighs 10 pounds and ship from 80132 if you want to run a quote with either UPS or Fedex.
  13. TheDukenasty

    TJ from Little Rhody

    Just a quick hello o/ 1998 Sahara in RI
  14. Morse9988

    Any ideas on how to prevent the rust from getting worse?

    Just bought this 2001 Sahara with 40k miles, the frame definitely has some surface rust with that being said I am from the northeast. I went underneath and started poking around anywhere it looked worse and it was solid everywhere. Any ideas on how to prevent the rust from getting worse? first...
  15. eagle

    WTB: Seeking Green Sahara

    My dad brought me on a four wheeling trip 20+ years ago in Colorado. I would like to find the same exact model/color in good condition if it can be done. Please keep me in mind and ask around if you know someone. It was a 5speed manual and fully loaded, hopefully the pictures tell the rest...
  16. C

    SOLD OEM Forest Green Pearl half doors

    **READ EVERYTHING** I have a set of forest green pearl half doors off an 01 tj. The interior color is camel. These doors are in great shape (8.8/10). They have a few scratches and the drivers side a few minor dents (pictured). They could all be paintless dent repaired if you wanted to get that...
  17. C

    Do I need a new carrier for re-gearing Dana 44 to 4.88?

    Hello, I have a 2002 Sahara with a Dana 44/Dana 30 and 3.73 gears with LSD. I just ordered 4.88 gears so i can install some 35's. On Quadratech's website, it shows that i will need a new rear carrier ONLY to fit the 4.88 gears. On extreme terrain's website it shows that 4.88 gears will fit just fine...
  18. H

    Back in a TJ again

    Hey everyone! been several years for me but finally back in a wrangler :) Just posting to say hello and ask a couple questions. I just picked up 2000 Sahara 4.0 w/ 5 speed 140k on the clock, but has been a Georgia truck it’s whole life so the frame is minty fresh, which here in Michigan is...
  19. S

    Texas 2017 Jeep Wrangler 4D Sahara TOWING

    Greetings! First post to the forum ... I know this topic has been written about and discussed ad nauseam, but I'm getting so much conflicting info ... I have a 2017 Jeep Wrangler 4D Sahara, and the gear ratio is 3.2. The towing capacity is 2,000 pounds. I'm considering buying an Aliner camper...
  20. M

    Sarah the Sahara—More expensive than a divorce—LR4—NV3550 Conversion

    Oh, look, another LS conversion in a TJ. :rolleyes: Yes, this thread is about another conversion, but I hope to alleviate and answer alot of confusion and offer some answers or advice. The goal with "Sarah" is to have a capable DD that can be very capable on the weekend. This project has...