1. G

    What is my TJ worth?

    Hello, I’m thinking about selling my 1999 jeep wrangler Sahara. It’s an I6 4.0L with minor rust spots. The jeep has all after market lights, after market side steps, KC fog lights, and a new bestop soft top. Unfortunately, the jeep had very minor paint chips. The doors and part of the hood were...
  2. T

    SOLD 2006 LJ Solar Yellow 6 Speed Manual 91100 Miles 14500$ OBO

    First of all: THX. To all of you who post more than me and gave me ideas, directions and inspiration for working on my Jeep. My busted knuckles would also shout out a big thx ... Anyhow, the time has come, the Jeep and I have to part ways. Reason: Three years of Macon, GA are over. Going back to...
  3. notGreenLJ

    Advice on selling my LJ Rubicon

    I am going to list my 2006 automatic LJR for sale and wanted some advice. My wife and I freaking love this Jeep, but we decided to build a house, and construction loans are no joke! I know I won't recoup everything I have put into it (~$35k). I am thinking of listing at $28k but I'm unsure if...
  4. Mora

    Has anyone everyone bought or sold a Jeep and had it shipped?

    As many of you know, I am selling my Jeep. I have been talking with this gentlemen who lives in Massachusetts. He is wanting me to ship the Jeep to him. Has anyone done this before who can give me insight? What form of payment did you send/receive? What company did you use to ship/buy the Jeep?
  5. T

    How to sell my TJ for the price it deserves

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, I hope everyone's staying well and safe. I'm looking to sell my TJ that I purchased just a couple of months ago, as I was unable to sell my other car for a desirable price. Another reason is that I figured out that I'm just not the type of guy that'll spend time...
  6. Zedd

    Advice on how to sell my Jeep

    I’m no expert I’m trying to sell my jeep right now and wanted to get your guy’s take on my listing(s). Improvement ideas? I’m trying to sell quickly but $6600 would be the absolute lowest I can go. I’ve already put $200 into it since I bought it for $7000 and I think the aftermarket hard top...