turn signal

  1. C

    3 wire led light help

    I’ve wired up my 3 wire 3/4” led light to my front turn signals. They function correctly when the headlights are off. When I turn the headlights on they don’t flash. How do I wire these up correctly? My intentions are to remove the corner/marker lights. 2001 tj Thanks
  2. JeepGirl1013

    My Daily Question - Blinker Addition

    My driver side front blinker is working intermittently. Unpon inspection A: has some corrosion inside not sure if it’s a problem but should probably be replaced. B: the clip that holds A on is missing on one side. If we wiggle it about we can get the blinker to work. What are the names for...
  3. MakerOfRain21

    Turn signal sound (click) remains on

    TJ Electrical issue I have attached a video to indicate my problem. Essentially the turn signal "click" stays on, along with the parking lights unless I pull those 2 plugs shown in the video. I have no idea how this happened as it was fine 2 days ago. The problem stays and makes the click sound...
  4. Fulton_Hogan

    Wells Vehicle Electronics (WVE) Multi-function Switch & Connector

    Like many others, my multi-function switch had begun to act up. My fog lights were not turning on by themselves, but if I was driving with the lights on and hit a good bump, I would get a long series of warning beeps. No engine light or anything else, just 10+ beeps. The first time it happened...
  5. W

    Dim LED turn signal when headlights are off

    2000 TJ with LED lights all around. When headlights are off, the side mar signals blink but the drivers side halo signal in the headlight is dim. When headlights are on, the halo signal is bright again, but the side markers turn off. The wiring is a mess from previous owner, so hoping someone...
  6. Jacqu_rose

    MFS Stumped

    Hi all. I have an 02 TJ 4 cylinder and last week both of my low beams were out on start. Turn signals worked, parking lights worked, high beam and fog lights worked. I bought an MFS replacement, put the old hazard relay on, now the low beams worked but the turn signals and hazards were out...
  7. E

    Turn signals, brake lights, and hazards all broken plus engine stalls when come to complete stop

    I recently got a 2001 Jeep Wrangler TJ passed down to me, but there are a couple of problems with it, and I have tried everything I could do, which is switch battery, checked and switched broken fuses. Problems: -brake lights don't work as well as turn signals (both fuses okay and bulbs good)...
  8. carntsen

    Turn signal and fuse keeps popping

    Hi All, Just picked up a 2006 TJ last week. Lights were working fine when I got, but last night the turn signals quit on me. Previous owner installed an LED light set (tails, headlights and all markers). Note sure if it was installed professional or not, but all lights worked fine for the past...
  9. 0

    Problem With Halo and Turn Signal Wiring

    Above is a video explaining the issues I’m having with the headlight and turn signal wirings
  10. R

    2001 TJ turn signals not working

    Hey guys, I have a 2001 jeep tj 2.5l and am having some issues with my turn signals. A while back I replaced my headlights with led headlights but im still using the stock turn signals. Not to long ago my left turn signal stopped working properly. It was hyper flashing and only in the front. The...
  11. ranger266

    SOLD LJ 05 Fenders OEM

    Wrangler LJ 05 OEM Fenders with turn signals $200 OBO
  12. MachineGunNuni

    Turn Signal Lights Stay on

    Hello, I installed some Poison Spyder LED turn signals and their flasher but when I have my lights off, and throw the signal on the side im turning to lights up and blinks normal and the other side hyperflashes. when its night time and I turn my lights on both turn signals stay on constantly...
  13. P

    Problem with 2006 Wrangler X Turn Signals

    Hello everyone! I am happy to say that as of a few months ago I have been blessed with purchasing a 2006 Wrangler X and joined the Jeep TJ Gang! In total I have loved it, and although I know no Jeep is ever perfect I have run into some issues. About 2 weeks ago I noticed my turn signals...
  14. Jordan K.

    Looking for DRL/Turn Signal Pigtail for fender install

    I just picked up some tube fenders for my 97 TJ and grabbed some of these LED lights to pop into the holes in the fenders. I'd Love to not hack up the factory wiring harness. Does anyone have a source for getting spare of these connectors so I can wire my new turn signals and other future front...
  15. J

    Wrangler TJ Turn Signal/Hazard

    Have a 02 4.0 Wrangler Sahara TJ. Up until recently turn signals hazards were working fine. Now the right turn signal isn't working, nor does it work with the hazard lights on. All other lights work and they haven't been upgraded. The front rectangular light will light up when the headlights are...
  16. Elvers_Jeep

    Turn Signal Module Issues

    My first submission- hopefully someone has had this problem. When driving, I used my turn signal- the arm felt sticky and then gave. The turn signal light on the dashboard is a stick "on" not blinking. After 4 mins or so, the signal warning starts beeping. However, the turn signals still...
  17. throw_a_way_Jeep

    Need Help Finishing Headlight Installation

    Hello good people! I'm looking for help on finishing the installation of some headlights that I'm in the process of installing on my 2005 TJ. I have been able to successfully install the lights, and power the day time running lights. However, I have yet to install the Amber Turn Signals...
  18. C

    01 TJ - signal lamps, hazards, and brake lights stopped working after tube fender and LED install

    Hey guys, got an issue that I've seen brought up in other forums/threads, but I've reached a point where I don't know what to do. We replaced the front turn signals with LEDs last weekend (came with a/m fender kit). We wired them up, and they worked fine, except for the hyper-flash which we...
  19. J

    Rear passenger brake light and turn signal not working

    for a little while now, my rear passenger brake light and turn signal have not been working, I turned it on one day and got the typical double speed flash and went to replace the bulbs only to find out that it still didn't work after replacing. I replaced the relay and the problem persists. As...