5x5.5 to 8x6.5 conversion


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Apr 19, 2016
hey guys i have an eclectic pile of parts and need to assemble a 8 lug ford hp44 for the front of my jeep. i have a full 5x5.5 hp 44 as well as a dodge 8 lug 44. I was told by a local offroad shop that the dodge knuckles on the ford inner-c would result in positive camber, can anyone confirm this? If i cant use the dodge 8 lug stuff on the ford hp housing can anyone post a list of the parts needed to convert the 5x5.5 knuckles to 8x6.5 as all my web wheeling has only turned up little bits of info here and there not enough to confidently say i know what i need.
please no suggestions of dana 60's as i am far from being able to afford that.
anybody have info on this? still not finding much in the way of exact years for parts or part numbers
I was just reading this the other day and searching for answers. I can't find a single thing on it, and I wish I could :(

It's obviously one of the less common swaps out there. Have you found anything at all yet?
so supposedly the f250 dana 44 spindles can mount on the f150 knuckle but then you need a weird custom caliper bracket to make the f150 caliper work on the 250 rotor because the 250 knuckle is more heavily clearanced for the bigger caliper. according to a few forumn posts any hd44 knuckles should bolt on to any inner c so it seems the dodge 8 lug stuff i have may work but the local shop guy is still adamant that it will cause weird positive camber
Why does he think they would cause positive camber? Does the vehicle they came off of have a notable amount of positive camber?
You should be able to tell what the camber will be by looking at how much offset there is between the upper and lower ball joint centers...afaik, camber isn't really adjustable in a solid axle setup. Caster isn't really either, without a lot of work.
caster is the easy one, an angle grinder and a big hammer and you can spin the inner c to wherever. camber not so easy.