dana 44

  1. Cornbread

    Indiana TJ Dana 44 rear axle

    I have a Dana 44 rear axle I bought to put in my TJ about 5 years ago that I never got around to using. After having kids I just don't have time to offroad let alone take on another project. It has been sitting in my yard barn out of the weather since I purchased it. I was told it has 3.73...
  2. D

    Dana44, gears, Eaton LSD

    I have a guy wanting to sell me a dana44 rear from an '05, a new set of Yukon 4.88s for 30/44, and an Eaton Detroit trutrac for the 44. 1600 and a 6 pack...is this a good deal? Should I pull the trigger? I was planning on doing a super35, as I don't do any aggressive offroading, mostly just...
  3. rawzconn

    SOLD 1997 Sahara Pristine Condition

    Hello all! My name is Ross. I’m not a scammer. I bought a very nice TJ last year for my wife. I have to sell for personal reasons. 1997 Jeep Wrangler Sahara 4.0L Garage kept and covered. This TJ is in pristine shape! No dents or chips on the Stone White original paint. 36,000 original...
  4. RockyMountain_TJ

    Dana 44 Shock Bracket Issues

    I am in the process of swapping my Dana 35 for a Dana 44 and have gotten control arms and trackbar connected and bolts tightened loosely when I just noticed something on this axle that I picked up. The shock brackets seem to be clearly aftermarket and installed incorrectly. Well, maybe not...
  5. RockyMountain_TJ

    Dana 44 Rear Axle Shaft Bearing Movement

    I have just started on the second half/rear end of my axle swap to remove the dreaded Dana 35 and replace it with a Dana 44. I have been inspecting just about everything because I plan on using parts from my old 35 and new 44 together. Anyways, I have removed both rear shafts and found that the...
  6. Hammer_c

    SOLD HP Ford Dana 4.88 gears and install kit

    Brand new Ford Dana 44 HP 4.88s. Sold the axle and no longer needed. -High quality parts from either Timkin or Dana in the install kit. -All OEM -Ring and Pinion from Dana/Spicer. -Partial master install kit. -A ton of extra shims. -All Timkin Bearings. -New set of ARB seals. $350
  7. J

    Convert a Dana 30 front to a Dana 44 pumpkin with some welding?

    If this has already been discussed and I've just failed to find the post I'd love a link. So, Dana 44 front axles are actually quite affordable in the US especially considering their rarity (im just looking at ebay as a reference) but shipping to the UAE where I live is kind of expensive, at least...
  8. J

    Backing plate replacement

    Do you have to pull the axle shafts on a dana 44 rear end to replace the drum brake backing plate? If so, is it recommended to change the bearings/seal (if original)? I would prefer to not have to do that if possible. Does that only need to be done if there is a seal leak / bearing issue? Thanks
  9. E

    SOLD ECGS Dana 489 axle

    Rear axle from ECGS, in a nutshell a JK Dana 44 as bolt in for TJ. 4.56 ratio, true track, 30 spline shaft, disk brakes. Roughly 25000 miles on it, all highway never saw dirt. Located near Baltimore, bring me your useless Dana 35 (functional) and we will swap it out for $2000. Or $2300 without...
  10. fiirechief467

    Jeep TJ axle upgrades to Dana 44

    After much searching my latest approach to my TJ high gear problems (3.07 gears w/33 tires) is to swap both front (Dana 30) & rear (Dana 35) for available Dana 44 with 4.10 gears from a Wagoneer. My thoughts are to clean up both axles (drain & inspect lube, inspect gear wear, replace axle...
  11. Mike_in_Riga

    Help with Dana 44 bearing cap identification

    Dear TJ Forum Members, I would like to ask for your collective (and individual) wisdom with a problem I have. In a sentence - a workshop took off diff from my Dana44 without marking bearing caps, and I am now trying to identify left and right one before installing ARB locker. I have read...
  12. 99RedGriff

    Dana 44 Re-gear / Carrier w No Shims

    Heyo. So I have a 99 TJ sport with Dana 44 in rear. I opened up the rear diff to change fluid and found the ring and pinion had chipped teeth. Apparently I bought it that way. Anyways I’m re-gearing now and I just got the carrier out. It was very difficult to get out. Just realized there were no...
  13. 0

    03 Rubicon front locker air hose fitting replacement

    My 90 degree air locker hose fitting on the front differential is loose and leaking. What is the best way to replace the fitting with a new one? It seems like it is a press fit into the housing but what does the barb fit into inside the housing? Can the fitting be pulled/pried out and a new...
  14. B

    Dana 44 Ring gear excessive runout

    First time regearing an axle. Watched a lot of videos, read books etc but have a few questions and a problem. This is a stock Dana 44 out of a 2006 LJ. The carrier shims were on the outside of the carrier bearing races. The driver side (carrier side) was .143” and the passenger side (ring...
  15. mots

    SOLD 2005 Rocky Mountain Edition: Silver, 6-speed, Dana 44, Straight-6, Great Condition

    Hi Chris/All, I recently put my 05 RME TJ up for sale on Autotrader and wanted to announce here if anyone is interested. I really don't want to see it go, but I only drive it 1-2k miles per year and need the garage space. Price is firm for now, but could drop over time depending on interest...
  16. 97TJBigFoot

    Dana 44 or Ford 8.8?

    I have completely demolished my spider gears in my dana 35 twice already so it’s time to upgrade this time to something that can handle 35’s! I am trying to find an 8.8 or a Dana 44 to replace my dana 35… What are you all’s recommendations/advice? Thanks in advance!
  17. grr

    SOLD Currie Dana 44 Diff Cover

    Currie Dana 44 diff cover. E/W dip stick.
  18. DWR

    What seals do I need for a Dana 44 with 35 spline axle shafts?

    Long story short, when I re-geared my jeep and noticed I had aftermarket axles in my rear dana44 I didn’t count the splines like a dummy… Turns out the prior owner upgraded to 35spline axles (according to the person I was paying to replace the seals as I simply couldn’t be bothered lol)… so the...
  19. ToasterThief

    New axle bearing has play in it, is this normal?

    Have a 2006 Rubicon LJ, both of the rear axles seals were leaking and making noise so I decided to take them off and press on a new Spicer kit (PLAT-SPICER-KIT90). Both bearings were seated well and moving freely after install. The first axle installed with no end play, but the second one has...
  20. Natethegreat202

    Help with spider gears and ring gear

    Hey guys, had my axles out and rear end taken apart. (Rear Dana 44) and while inspecting my spider gears notice they’re a bit chipped up. Not realizing I had a Trac-Lok I used my dremel to grind down the ring gear to get the center pin out to change the spider gears only to realize they don’t...