A New Rubibro

But but but we caught him in a spending mood, so we need to jump now while he is weak...... :cool: :oops:

That’s why I “upgraded” to the Rubi…so I don’t need any upgrades lol.

oh but there's so many upgrades you need to do ! like heated seats, and since your butt cant get cold we cant have your hands getting cold so you need heated steering wheel and gear shift knob ! but your hands might get cold when you go to open the door so you need a hydraulic remote controlled door opener so you just hit a button and the door opens itself keeping your hands nice and toasty when it's 80 degrees ! then we cant have your soft little butt sitting on that hard seat so you need to add 6 no 8in of padding to your seats. now we cant have you getting calluses on those soft hands turning that hard steering wheel so we must have a chauffer like this, and this is just the start