You may suffer from a common affliction called Haglund's Deformity (I do). It's a bony protrusion on the heal, and it makes getting proper-fitted boots somewhat difficult. The symptoms are a local hot spot (it'll turn red) on the outside of the heel. For me, it never manifested as a blister - just a serious amount of pain during hikes.

When I started backpack hunting in steep country, I did a lot of learning about foot comfort. When you are carrying a 50-100 lb pack for 10 miles a day or more, ill-fitting boots aren't just an inconvenience. If you have Haglund's Deformity, boot choice can be limiting. For daily wear, though, it's much easier to deal with; however, when you're spending $500 on a pair of mountain-capable boots and they don't fit, it's a PITA because by the time you figure out they don't work, the manufacturer won't take them back. I spent thousands on boots, and hundreds of miles of training hikes, to find the right pair (Kenetrek Mountain Extremes).

For daily wear, I alternate between my Red Wings (mainly winter) and my Salomon XA 3D Pro trail runners (mainly summer). The Red Wings finally conformed to my Haglund's bump after a couple months. With the trail runners, the Haglund's bump wears a hole in the liner and into the padding, which gives clearance. Those shoes wear pretty fast, so the liner hole is never the reason I replace the shoes (the tread wears out or the soles delaminate). I get better wear out of those Salomons than any other sneaker I've tried, but I still think they could be made better when the delamination occurs before the tread wears out. I'm on my fifth or sixth pair of them now...

Thank you also for mentioning this. I have it on my right foot and wear out the liner in sneakers all the time. I try to find sneakers with a soft heel cup, makes a difference.

My boots I brought to a cobbler and they worked the leather in the area I marked up. I don't care how they did it but it has worked all the years I have owned them.

Haglund's Deformity makes shoe buying a little harder than it should be.
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These are my boots.

I don't like to brag, but I've still got a bit of boot cred...