Car pics too cool not to share

Some local guy decided to drop this off uptown the other day. I'm not a NASCAR guy. Maybe one of you know when it ran. Looking at the inside, I'd guess it was one of the last few cars.

My daughter and I went out to Painted Hill, OR to do some night shooting over the weekend. These were two of my favorite shots from the night.
One long exposure image of the Milky Way rising over the hills, and one from my phone of my Charger.

Painted Hills - Milky Way At Painted Hills Shot By Geoff Birkemeier - Mitchell, Oregon - Graci...jpg

I took the grandsons and the DeSoto to a Boy Scout Pancake Breakfast at the local American Legion Hall this morning.

Everything is normally closed in town on Monday morning, more so on a holiday. Parking was easy. This Willys was parked in front of the Hall.

So I took another pic and included the ol' broad and part of my little towns' Main Street in it.

The boys enjoying their breakfast.
'71 Dodge Demon 340 (with some 1970's air shocks in the rear). Nice!

I knew you'd be able to call it...
I know I do not like the intendent front end.

Depends on how I was to build something. I like the new chassis if I plan on driving it as opposed to if it's just a show rig. And I'm more into enjoying things as opposed to just looking at it.

Sort of like during the big front tire fad on baggers. A lot of those 26" and larger bikes were just a show piece. Not my thing.