Dirt Road Anthem


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May 23, 2018
Morrison, CO
I don't know if any of you listen to country music but I way just how that is a great "jeep" song what are songs you like to listen to in your Jeep.
The original is better by Colt Ford and Brantley Gilbert. Just incase you havent heard it yet. Colt Ford I dont think is played on the radio (around here anyway), so most have not heard of him. Ive always been a fan of country, but all this new mainstream stuff is terrible. All they talk about is whiskey, pickup trucks, and girls out in the country. Out of the artists that are singing nowadays, Chris Stapleton is my favorite. He has a real old time sound and feel to him, and lyrics to boot.


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Aug 12, 2016
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One of my favorite songs would be the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band's "Long Hard Road, (The Sharecroppers Dream)"

There's a ton of country music that fits Jeeping lifestyle depending on where and when.

Always liked Merle Haggard and Hank Jr. when wheelin'. That or riding to dive bars on the HOG after a weekend of wheelin'.

I'm married and have kids so my days of that are long over lol.

There's also good rock songs like one of my favorite bands Wishbone Ash: "Ballad of the beacon"

I HAVE to play this song every time I drive up Icehouse road to do the Rubicon Trail. It's like a rite of passage......... Gives me goosebumps and almost sends me to nirvana Jeep heaven when I play it on my way to the 'Con! Probably because of when I first heard the song and what I was doing at the time. Music can be the soundtrack of life for sure!

When I would drive my 1967 Mustang convertible, I used to love to play America "Horse with no name" Fit driving in the desert to a Tee!

I also like wheeling in the dark on the Dusy-Ershim trail on a night run playing Joe Satriani. "Is there love in space" or "Super Colossal" are two great albums, there are many more from this talented guitarist. Sometimes no lyrics at all are just what's needed.

No crap at all...... Kid Rock is awesome, also like Gretchen Wilson and Hank Jr. plays with Kid Rock.

Also there's David Allen Coe but not everyone likes controversy...... I'm not a snowflake tho.....

Heck, also loved Westwood One's production: "Dr. Demento" so there's that.....

"Devil went down to Georgia" by Charlie Daniels, Spoof "Devil went to Jamaica" by Travis Mayer...

We can go back to Dr. Hook & the medicine men...... God I better stop now or I'll end up posting a terabyte of music titles....
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Aug 12, 2016
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Son's of the Pioneers did a great rendition of "Ghost riders in the sky" also. The late Erich Kunzel, leader of The Cincinnati Pops, did some awesome western themed songs in his series "Round Up" and skits with at the time, brand new digital technology sound effects in Dolby THX surround digital. It was really wild when the stampede went through with surround 4 channel headphones. It was like you were on a horse in the middle of the drive. Good stuff!
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Sep 28, 2015
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I've always had a love/hate relationship with this song. Love the country portion of the song, but can do without the "tractor rap" sections...
That guy sings nothing but bro country... you know, for the bros who think real country music is the pop-country they play on the big radio stations.

All that's missing here is Luke Bryan singing about his big black jacked up truck and some girls with some tan lines and cut off shorts...

No thanks... I'll have me some Bluegrass thank you!

Okay... rant over. Sorry, I just very much dislike that "Nashville sound".
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Oct 25, 2018
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Marshall Tucker Bands Running like the wind, and Desert Skies are my favorites! Almost any outlaw country, and even Ryan Upchurch Hick Hop! There is a new crop of country artist Stapleton, Sturgil Simpson, Tyler Childers, Coulter Wall, Cody Jinks you guys need to check out!
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May 31, 2018
Greenbrier, TN
Cody Jinks
Saw Cody Jinks in Nashville a few months ago, wish these "underground" folks would be filling the airwaves, but they don't sell stupid truck wheels and booze at the bar like these bro country/rap garbage.
You can find better music on Sundays in Nashville, the bars make the bands play the pop country stuff because it sells. They play their own music on Sunday and there is a lot of talent there.
Add Aaron Watson & Whiskey Myers to your list, I'm sure I'll come up with some more.
Haven't heard much from them lately but Cross Canadian Ragweed is good as well.