How to align your Jeep Wrangler TJ

The FSM was written expecting the vehicle to be on a computerized laser alignment machine. Each tire gets its own swivel base and a mirror for the lasers to work against. The FSM breaks down the steps with that environment in mind. It adjusts the toe and the steering wheel centering in two half-steps.

Most backyard mechanics don't have one of those machines in their garage, so we do it a little differently. You can't adjust the toe for one side alone, it always affects both sides. So we adjust the toe in one step, and then center the steering wheel in a second step. It boils down to the identical adjustment as the alignment machine would give. And just as accurate, or more so, since the alignment tech just gets it in range, and we can tweak it to perfection. Not that perfection really matters on the toe.
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When aligning the steering wheel after doing the toe in adjustment, is it best to have the wheels on the ground? Thanks.
Yes. If the wheels are off the ground, turning the adjuster will turn the wheels instead of the steering box. Ideally you have 2 people to make adjustments.
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When replacing the front coils I noticed on the lca attachment point what looks to be a cam bolt. Appears that this would be for adjusting caster.
Bolt head seems to be in the middle of the washer a cam bolt? Could you buy cam bolts and adjust caster if you thought you needed to?