Let's see your wheels!

Not sure if narrower wheel will look right with the Bushwacker flares of if I'll need to go back to a stock style flare. Need to find some pictures of 33x12.50 on 15x8-ish with Bushwacker flatties..
Tires are completely covered and even with the flares. 🤫
flat flares (2017_11_20 00_38_12 UTC).jpg
Who makes the flat flares you have? Could I ask you to measure how wide the flares are and add a pic down the side of the Jeep? I am looking to go from 15x10 to 15x8 with a 33 x 12.50 and want to see the tire relative to flare.. tucked or sticking out a little..

edit... scoured through your forum image album and see what you have aren't Bushwacker. However, maybe you can help none-the-less with the measurement and a flank shot.

They were cheapo EAG brand ones from eBay. Not very good and I have replace them with the factory flares.
They covered almost all of my tire. However, some of the tread did stick out past it. I’ll have to see if I have any pictures of them when the old flares were still mounted.
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