Let's see your wheels!


Pretty sure these would be my choice if I could get my head around changing wheels...

Post some pics and details of the gem carrying the vintage Schlitz cooler

1963 VW on smoothies
1600dp with full bolt ons from CB Performance.

I bought it in Baltimore on spring break in college and have driven it all over the country from Baltimore to NYC and Jersey shore then down to South Carolina and back up to Chicago and then from Chicago to Key West and back and then from Tucson to Huntington Beach and back. So it's been from coast to coast. Did almost a full resto last year with a parts list a mile long all new chrome all new wires and bulbs all bolt ons from long block up new trans with taller gears, tri mill exhaust etc. She's my baby and my first born. Before the wife and kids and dogs. Tons of other toys and vws have came and gone but I'll ride out into the sunset in this one.