1. Stinkbug

    SOLD 15x8 Walker Evans Beadlocks

    ** I have no boxes, pallets, packaging materials, or ability to visit UPS / FedEx during business hours, so I cannot ship – If purchased, they must be picked up in Huntington Beach, CA ** I have 4 Walker Evans beadlock wheels for sale. Here are the particulars: · 15 x 8 with 4” back...
  2. A

    5x4.5 to 5x5 wheel adapters

    Hi there, Recently I bought some beautiful aev wheels for my tj now I need to know what do I need to install them (adapters…). I am after the best one on the market to limit the risk (don’t care the price) If you could please let me know that would be great Thanks guys
  3. A

    AEV chrome wheels

    Just want to share a nice present I made to myself, brand new aev chrome wheels, they are just beautiful and the price was right I believe.
  4. AWayne

    Painted Ravines?

    Alright, starting another thread because I done some test rattle bombs before stripping the wheels down and actually putting the effort into painting them right. What’s the consensus? Graphite? Bronze? Or Gold?
  5. AWayne

    Bronze or Graphite Ravine's?

    Scored some decent Ravine’s for $80. Looking into Bronze HWP105 Duplicolor, or Graphite HWP102 Duplicolor. Anybody done this before? I’ve seen a few black painted Ravine, and not a huge fan. Jeep for reference, 2000 Sahara Desert Sand Pearl.
  6. S

    Thoughts on this tire?

    I have a 2006 Jeep TJ 6 speed manual. I was looking at Mickey Thompson Baja boss M/T tires. 35x12.5R15LT. Was wondering if anyone has these tires and how they hold up to mainly street driving (do they wear fast?). Yes I know they are mainly for off roading, I just like the aggressive look of...
  7. jacksonreese96

    Does anyone have a photo of these wheels on their TJ?

    I know the wheel question is often asked. So I’ll ask it again, mainly because I haven’t found pictures of these wheels on a TJ. A friend has them up for grabs but can decide. So if you’re running these post a pic! Here’s what I’m looking at and here’s my Jeep now.
  8. davidmjulian

    Wheel Spacers Behind or in Front of Rotors?

    If I were to remove the rotors on my 2002 TJ, install 2" lug centric spacers, and reinstall my rotor on to the spacer lugs, am I making a mistake? Is there anything I'm missing that would make this a BAAAD idea?
  9. SSTJ

    South Carolina Aftermarket 16" Rubicon Moab Rims

    Bought these before deciding I prefer the 05–06 style better. They appear to be aftermarket, with quality-control stickers dating in the 20-teens. I for one could not tell until I saw the stickers. I have 5. Willing to sell as a set or individually. Let's say $65 each if selling...
  10. Jackson S

    Super loose steering column

    Does anyone else have a really loose steering column, like to the point that its difficult to drive on the highway because the wheels go all over the road and you cant feel it in the steering wheel. Like its so bad that i cant shake the steering wheel pretty violently and the car wont turn at...
  11. S

    Switching wheel hubs to newer style

    Can the newer style and bolt pattern wheel hubs be used on a 2002 wrangler sport. I want to go from the 5 X 4.5 to the 5x5 bolt pattern?
  12. M

    Megatire Calgary

    Hi Group, If your heading north chances are you will be rolling through Calgary before you hit the Alaska Highway. Here’s our contact info if you need anything for your Jeep. Rob Megatire Calgary (A TreadPro Tire Centre) 3850-32 Street NE Calgary, Alberta, Canada 403-277-6392...
  13. Ericshere03

    WTB: Alcoa Wheel RME, Tomb Raider, Anniversary doesn't matter

    Looking for a set of TJ alcoa wheels, I’d prefer the 15x8 flavor, but may consider the 16x8 tomb raider ones too… Let me know whatchoo got!
  14. Byhumba

    SOLD 2013 JK Wheels in Great Shape

    4 wheels off a 2013 JK Jeep Wrangler. 17 x 7.5 inches. In great condition. One wheel has a small scratch. Please look at pictures. I work in the Riverside/Fontana area and can meet before or after work M-F.
  15. inkedrose

    SOLD Set of 5, 34" Super Swampers on 15" Eaton Beadlocks

    I have 5, 34” Super Swamper Truxus MT tires, on 15” Eaton Steel Beadlocks. Lots of tread. 5x4.5 lug pattern. Should fit any Jeep TJ, LJ, and I think ZJ, MJ, and XJ . $700 obo, want to sell the full set of 5. Located in Arvada, can possibly deliver in Denver Metro area with a deposit. 34x12.5x15LT
  16. Hog

    SOLD 3 Moab Wheels

    I have 3 fairly good condition.. I bought the 4 to get a spare wheel for mine so I dont need these.. ive removed the tires so it’s just 3 wheels. I can sell separately or all.. $300 for all
  17. Justanotherjeepguy

    I need advice on wheel width and backspacing for less common tire sizing (new tires, wheels, and lift)

    The current Jeep: • Stock 2006 Rubicon (automatic) with 31x10.5r16 tires • 95% on the road (daily driver, but we also go on a lot of long trips throughout the states) • 5% off-roading in mild to medium terrain, mostly to find cool views and camping spots (not looking to do extreme rock crawling...
  18. MiguelToril

    OEM wheel offset

    Hello! I bought my car with the wheels you can see in the pics and I would like to buy new wider tyres and wheels. I’m estimating how wider the car will be but for that I first want to be sure about the offset of the current wheels. Is the offset of my current wheels 31.75?? Measured in...
  19. Mcsupersoldier

    SOLD Grizzly Wheels

    I've got 5 nice factory wheels I'd like to sell. They are 15x7 and 5 on 4.5. $200 obo
  20. Cheetokps

    Connecticut Stock Canyon Wheels with Tires

    Five 15x8 canyon wheels from a 2002 Jeep Wrangler sport. 4 of them have 31x10.5 general grabber at2 tires which seem to have decent tread, I just upgraded. The other still has I think the stock spare tire which is flat but the wheels is still good. Asking 400 or best offer