Minimal Tire Carrier Bumper

Don’t forget that you can sometimes simply use a wheel spacer to get the clearance-

At the same time I know you’re trying to keep it close to the rig and you also are getting presented with a good realm of information so I’m not trying to override any of that-
Ha Ha, I thinking I’ll modify the existing bracket. I have a 3” suspension lift, I still need a BL? I thought with a 3” lift 33” worked?

Exactly that set up works on mine, however after wheeling for a couple years the bracket started to weaken and needed to be re-welded and strengthened a little. I also added a 90deg angle bracket to the rear bumper, directly under the tire to support it.
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I have a 3” suspension lift,

Your sig and Jeep profile says otherwise. :unsure:
p.s. I had a 3" SL with 33s and it rubbed offroad until I got a BL. Pic without BL.
JEEP2 (2017_11_20 00_38_12 UTC).jpg
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That sounds right. It’s been several years since I installed it. I’m running 11.5 wide tires on the stock 5.5” back space rims and I think I lengthened the snubbers by about an inch.

Back to the Jeep now. Looks like I actually had to cut down the snubbers to get enough catch on the studs