Painting the TJ

Great job build this into YOUR TJ ! And you learned a skill at the same time !

My spray gun is a harbor freight special. tip size i believe is 1.4 but i do know that paint manufactures have different specs for this. compressor is dewalt, not sure on exact specs. it's great for painting as long as you keep a water separator on it and keep it cleaned out. it's not the biggest compressor but it'll run pretty much most of my air tools. i will say even if you only plan to do a couple of jobs like this, if you plan on working on your own vehicles or anything that my utilize the tools it's worth the investment. i had an older spray gun that i let sit without cleaning really well. tried using it first but could not get it to work right. took it apart and it was in pretty bad shape so bought another one. made sure to clean it after using it this time. it's a lot of work, i don't recommend cutting corners anywhere. take your time, don't get impatient. i did at times. follow the specs called out by the paint. test your spray patterns and don't be afraid to mess up just know you may have to let it dry, sand and respray. to me it's all worth it though and although it's not 100% professional, it looks pretty good and was still way cheaper than paying someone.
This one’s for the auto body guys out there. So while I’m waiting motor and other things I’m painting the TJ. I went with a single stage urethane from restoration shop. Body is in great shape, other than hood and one fender the paint is actually in good shape. Question is can I scuff the original paint and spray over it? I did an old dodge Dakota years ago with the help of a family member that had some experience painting cars. I know for a fact we didn’t strip to bare metal and I’m almost positive we didn’t prime or anything before spraying. Paint turned out pretty good for having doing it in a garage without no floor other than the dirt. Only spots I had issues with was around rocker panels where I imagine didn’t get sanded well enough. What are your suggestions on getting a decent paint job without stripping down to bare metal? Can it be done? What steps do I need to take if so? Thanks in advance. Oh not going factory color if that makes any difference. Dakota was two tone grey and we painting it red. TJ is gunmetal and I’m painting it orange.

It looks fantastic. Great job!

What paint gun did you use?
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Mattoxnc85 you did a great job! It also encourages me to dabble in this in the future. It's interesting how tastes change. My TJ is impact orange and I'm tired of looking at it. Wouldn't mind if it was gunmetal pearl though. ;)
That looks awesome. I've been thinking about painting mine in the next few weeks. I wrapped it about 4 years ago and the hood and cowling are badly cracked and peeling from sitting in the sun (the Jeep has gone through periods of neglect, I admit). It's going to be a nightmare to get the hood back to a decent starting point, then my options are to just re-wrap the hood and cowling, or to pull the whole wrap off and either re-wrap it in a new color or point. Your outcome has me leaning towards paint. Great work!