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I have a Breitling Blackbird that I bought when I received my first shareholder distribution check. I used to wear it more, but more recently I just wear it for special occasions.

In memory of my Grandfather. He lived in Israel and passed away on Passover (tonight is the first night) 10 years ago and wore this every holiday. For those that aren’t familiar, those are the letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

This is one of my favorites. It was my grand pappy's, handed down to me from my dad. Some research showed it's an 1882 model. It needs a tune-up but unfortunately I haven't found anyone who does that any more, so unfortunately it hasn't been in use.

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Finally showed this to my buddy. He said it probably needs a new winding. Said he fixes pocket watches all the time. He'd have to put his hands on it to give a proper estimate, but off the top of his head (and after a few drinks) a few hundred bucks depending on what it needs.

He fixes $5k+ luxury watches and super old pocket watches all the time though so this seemed well within his capability. Just out of curiosity I asked him how many people can do what he does in VA. He said only like 3-4. Everybody else (jewelers and the like) just replace batteries and replace the odd easy part. He has microscope looking things and crazy miniature machine tools like a little baby lathe and cute little drill press. He said he makes custom parts for things that aren't made anymore. His shop is pretty neat. I get the impression he caters to a well off crowd though and ain't cheap.